First off, I apologize for the bad pun on the title of this post. This is a little rant about the Ultra Bonus 2nd week, only complaining for Deoxys as a raid boss, the other bonuses are all right.

My initial thoughts about Deoxys forms being on public raids was, maybe they’ll be a Tier 6 raid or, a few of it’s moves were going to be legacy ones (Just like Mewtwo’s in last year). Being a Ex raid boss means “Exclusivity”. For Mewtwo, he has moves that were only available as a Ex raid boss (Shadow Ball and Hyper Beam). While on public raids he got Flamethrower, Thunderbolt and Ice Beam instead, and it was a challenging raid because of the 50% HP increase. What’s for Deoxys? NOTHING! No new moves, no buff, nothing whatsoever. Only 25% chance of getting the form you want. The only advantage over this is the fact new players or people that hadn’t got Ex Raid passes can get all 4 forms for a week and…maybe you can spend your daily raid pass Soloing Deoxys attack-forme.

Articuno, use Ice Beam and froze me. Then, thawth me out when Week 3 begins. I don’t care about shiny regionals at all.

Go out and catch some of the rare Pokemon. Pseudo Legendaries and other crazy stuff are all over the map.


It’s a good advice. However, being a Pokemon Go Player for 3+ years gave me enough time to have all the Pseudo-legendaries maxed out (Except for Garchomp). Guess the shiny regionals are the only interest part of this week and it’s something that I don’t care really much.

Truth be told, had I not been a fan of Silph cup’s, i’d be feeling the same way.

75% of the time the raid eggs are going to suck for me, (and if the beasts raids were any indication, theoretical odds are going to be way higher than actually seeing the forme I want) trying to chace that defense forme.

Had I not beein a pvp battler, i’d prob just be raiding something more useful, like alolan marowak for a shiny chance, so yeah, this is going to be a bit dull, but honestly, its not like they really could have done much for deoxys, legacy’ing any of defense forme’s moves would have really screwed battler’s over that already didnt have them, and its not like anything could be done to make the other 3 forme’s better. At least its just a week, unlike armored mewtwo. On the bright side, means you have one extra raid pass to use on mewtwo when it comes.

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Look at the bright side, everyone: Soloable Deoxys-A! Tired of waiting on 2-3 people who may never show up to raid a T5? For the next week (assuming you get Attack forme) there’s no need to worry!

I’ve been looking forward to that for weeks. Ah, no more stressing over losing a T5 because some other douchebags brought Lugia, Slaking and Aggron instead of actually contributing to the raid :slight_smile:


Truthfully, Deoxys-A being soloable is probably the only thing saving raids from being a complete snore, even moreso than they already are. Not to mention buffing Deoxys-D even higher would have likely kept people away.

I guess one other thing that weirdly works in Deoxys’s raidability is that you can’t trade it. You have to raid for it if you want it. This way people who struck out and didn’t get an EX pass over the last 12 months can get one now.

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I am also looking forward to soloing Deoxys-A. During the few months that it was in EX Raids, I only got one pass and invited a friend whose team was not good enough for the solo, so we did it together for the extra balls.

Definitely doing all the raids I can. Yes, Deoxys is a disappointment, but raiding is fun period, plus I need rare candy sooooo bad and raiding is the best way to get it.

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Glad to see someone gets it…

the attack form solos are amazing for xp and rewards like rare candy charge and fast tms and bragging rights
also golden razzberries


thanks for the likes @hkn and @VrillonX

Yeah. We all agree the only positive thing about Deoxys being in public raids is the fact that Attack-Forme is soloable and can give great rewards. So, I’ve started for looking them and I’ve found one today.

It wasn’t a hard battle at all. But I was really masochistic by sending a whole Gengar team against a Double Psychic-type movest. It was very fun!


ive heard if 3 level 25 and 3 level 30-35 tyranitars could best it without re entering

That’s true. Against Non-Zap Cannon sets, using a full Tyranitar team avoids re-entry, but I’m not sure how well the DPS would be in that case.

nuff to get the job dun and pretty darn easy to aquire ive raided 128 total tyranitars on just my 1st account alone i won 117 of them lost to fire blast 8 time lost to stone edge 3 times as well as hatching about 5 larvitars a week meaning 1 and 1/2 ttars a week maxed out 6 of bite crunch and 5 of smack down stone edge and another easy to get pokemon is metagross have 3 maxed shundos with bp mm this is my first account that i play 4 hours a day untill about 5-6 months ago in whitch i got a second account to play sience i met my girlfriend

Any non Dark Pulse set is stupidly easy. With a team of T Tars, Dark Pulse becomes trivial.

Yeah. I almost avoid relobbying with the Poison Jab/Zap Cannon set! I’ve found another Attack-Forme Deoxys Raid and I used 5 Gengar and 1 Giratina Origin Forme. I was about to deal the final Shadow Ball when suddenly the Ghost hit nation attacked. It would be a win with 89 seconds left but because of what happened I had to relobby and beat it with 61 seconds instead…

What a nice name for that.

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How hard is the Deoxy’s A Solo? Do you have to have level 40 counters? Im level 38 and have everything i usee in raids powered to Lvl 30.

No, I believe optimal counters should do the trick at L30.