Deoxys Defense Forme Duo Raid

Probably one of the most frustrating duos ever. It requires:

  • 2 Mega Gengar stacking Mega Boost to each other all time.
  • Foggy Weather
  • Nerves of steel.

We’ve tried it 8 times in the course of an hour and a half! (We lost 1 raid pass sadly). First we tried the Psycho-Boost set. There was no way to do it cause the amount of deaths didn’t make possible the duo. Then we found another Deoxys (We got invited to another one on the same area). This one had Rock Slide. We faced: Phantom hits, one of the phones died in the middle of the raid, ridiculous amounts of lag, and so on and so on…

At the end, after being so frustrated, on our last try (On 12:56 and the Deoxys had like 4 minutes left) we succesfully did the duo! I scream all over it when I saw we won! (You can tell in the video lol). After 1 PM, the Deoxys left the gym and the weather changed from Foggy to Cloudy. I don’t recommend trying it. Although, 2 Level 50 Mega Gengars could make a better time. Still, worth it in the end lol


Unbelievable. So, what’s not possible at the moment as a Duo? Mega Steelix?

If the Gamepress DPS spreadsheet doesn‘t lie, two Mega Zard Ys boostig each other in sunny weather should make it possible, given the current options. Later on, Mega Blaziken and Mega Lucario (sunny and cloudy respectively) should be good too.

Mega-Steelix is possible with 2 Mega Y Zards on Sunny Weather, but it depends on the set and with the Rng too. Currently, we hadn’t been able to duo either Mega-Steelix and Mega-Gyarados. Hope they’ll came back soon.

That’s remarkable. Shortmanning raids isn’t my thing but I can appreciate Pogo greatness when I see it.