Hey @Gogh, i know you hate SB+QR builds on dragons, so i did that:

(Merges & DF may or may not represent reality)
Bonus doubler and Infantry Rush are one hell of a drug.

Don’t Tell Me You Have A +10 Nah

+5, close enough 8D

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■■■■ Me And My Luck

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Waiting on null c disrupt on my Nah

Planning on giving her DC? (Well, Nailah comes with DC anyway)
Also, i’m jealous of those 4 Nahs.

Wasn’t able to get the last one. He and fallen tiki sitting at 9 merges right now. Plan is to give her DC and null combat disrupt though.

Even more jealous now. Let me believe i’m lucky damnit!
Dunno about DC, it does make her more versatile, but Bonus Doubler synergizes so well with Oracle Breath it feels like missing something. But you may not plan on using heavy buffing tho, DC makes more sense then.

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I’ll probably swap between sets for her. Mixed team win my L!Azura I’ll use bonus doubler and guard or something like that. Otherwise I have tangier units I can use. I was very tempted to speed boon her and run an offensive set with bonus doubler though.