Describe your passion :feh_bylethblush:

Everyone here has a favorite character. They love them for their looks, personality, or power. Some have it all. I would like it if you were to tell me what captured you.

short story

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Long Story

For me it was :feh_rein:. I got into the game wanting to +10 Soren, wanting Leif to be put in, all kinds of pure things. I, hated Reinhardt. I pulled for him and Olwen because I loved thier game. But I hated him cuz arena tore me a new one after inheritance.

His mixed bulk made a +10 Impossible to kill if you survived him. +6 to all his stats made him a god damn monster.

I was ftp. I was bad at the game.

I needed to clear an abyssal. He did it. An unmerged Rein cleared it. So I decided that even if I hated him I would at least put him to work.

He has stuck with me for years. Every monster born from power creep, he had a build to answer it. And still does. I grew attached to him and everything. He is the face of Feh for me.

Even though I am tired, I always come crawling back to him to answer any problem I encounter. And I grew to love everything about the guy after all this time.

He stole the spot of my favorite by always being there I suppose.


Marth. He was the first lord that I got to learn about and what got me into Fire Emblem. I saw him in Smash for Wii U and I was curious about him. I looked him up on the FE wikis and a few other sources. His story and what he did in his games got me interested. I saw that he was mentioned in Awakening so I played Awakening first. The DLC of Awakening gave me an idea on who Marth was. Code Ne Steam was another one that I saw him in. I tried to find any game that he was in since he just fascinated me as a character. I finally found a copy of Shadow Dragon and played it. I never understood why people find him bland. He always seemed unique as a character. I found his design amazing. In Warriors his smile and his conversation with others was very wholesome. Even some of his lines in Heroes is what made me like him more as a character and unit. Legendary Marth: “Legendary hero? Please, I have done nothing so grand as to earn such a title.”


Aight here we go. I’ve got a section for Marianne and Marth


So one day a Byleth named ReE; was walking along trying to decide the house to join. So being probably overly sensible this is sensible thought ‘I know how to choose a house. Just look for best girl’ (don’t @ me). The problem was which one was best girl? Dmitri Edel and Claude helped out, but in the end ReE; basically knew nothing. So he went with gut instinct. Gut said ‘Marianne and Bernadetta.’ Now which one? He went Marianne because he knew that short blue haired girls are always best girl. looks suspiciously at darling in the franxx So he joined Golden Deer, also because he loved bows and it had a memey house leader. As he played through he began to love Marianne even more. He looked at the supports and saw how sad and insecure she was. He thought why tf do I think that insecurity is so attractive? But went on with it anyways. Then came the moment to s support. He doubted himself once, thought maybe Shamir, but looked at Marianne’s picture and instinctively clicked on it. The s support is actually the sweetest thing I’ve seen in my entire life. I loved how she became better and better and braver over time, and I love how sweet she really is. So yeah that’s my extremely long story about Marianne. Please note that my instincts at he start were right, with Bernie being second best girl. I guess I just love insecurity for some reason lol


This one is way more interesting because it’s not just me being a sucker for insecurity. It started with me and my brother. We played smash bros. I had to find a main. Now as I said in the Marianne part, I love bows. But I also love swords. Something about Marth’s animations in smash just led me to main him. I loved his gameplay and he tipper mechanic. Now smash isn’t he only reason I liked him. Now I actually have never played shadow dragon, that games hella old lol. But I have watched a playthrough, and in it I found myself liking Marth more and more. Eventually I found myself thinking Marth is my favourite FE character (this is before 3h). So when ultimate came out I was disappointed how bad Marth was. I main him now but still want buffs. I also remember being hella salty because Marth had like no alts in FEH. He was also my first promoter to 5* in FEH, and I only need one more copy of him to +10

So yeah those are my favourite characters. I could write one about Claude but this comment is long enough lol


Short Story:
My favorite: Nephenee
Reasons: First 5* when I began this game. Collected a second merge by sheer accident, and it lit the flame to begin the journey to build her and see her grow. Her Castle and lvl 40 monologues has also played large parts in maintaining my passion

Long Story

Uh, let’s see. I never played any FE games, picked up Heroes as another gacha game that could be interesting.
Nephenee was my very first 5* when i began in Feb 2018.

But I never used her during the first month and a half of playing. My main team consisted of b!lyn, tana, titania, and celica with just base kits. BK, L!Ike, and LA!Hector joined the team though not altogether. Stopped playing in late march / early april. Picked it up again in December. After collecting Eir, and pulling some random orbs, I gained a second Nephenee. It was from there, I wanted to become invested in a unit…this unit. She started my first invested team: She, Lilina, Titania, Priscilla.

And well, rest is history.


Short story: :feh_azura::feh_atkrefine::feh_deltheano::feh_faewow::feh_flaynfish::feh_reinyes::feh_vantage::feh_arthurthink:


No fodder Rein 4 vantage. :feh_berniebulli:


I started out just getting a lot of Smash characters as my +10’s. I branched out with my current favorite +10 Oscar. He was really fun to build starting with the brave lance user to his now galeforce +support build. A unit I want to build to +10 is Karel, because he has the highest HP of all Infantry Sword units, with a weapon that makes repraisal 1CD and increase damage by 5. Combined with desperation and brazens, he becomes powerful on player phase. Maybe I should give him Fury to make his HP as close to 1 as possible. Repraisal is a skill you don’t see much. Karel is coming up in a revival, but I want to see if I can’t get a second NY!Alfonse to fix his IV’s and make him all around more powerful.




Short Story

Come on. XD

Long Story

I think what has made Gunnthra such a special character to me is how she was introduced. When I started playing Book II for the first time, right around when I started playing Heroes, I felt like her introduction was really creative. She was calling for you (the summoner), in the midst of a dream, imploring you to help her family and her kingdom. I don’t know why I felt so impacted by that, but I was. It felt like I was working towards the introduction of an amazing character, only to see her killed off instantly and somewhat forgotten in favor of her sister, Fjorm.

Ever since I got her, I have used her. Although she’s not my best unit, she’s an ol’ reliable to me. To be honest, I’m not really sure why I like her so much as a character. Sure, it’s obvious that she could be considered a “MILF” kinda character and she has a lot of fan-servicey elements, but I’d like to think it’s a bit more dignified than that. I love her constants; her commitment to her family, her humble and solemn demeanor, her compassion and desire for all things to be respected and cared, and her general quirkiness with some of her lines. It’s heart warming to me, I guess. XD

Another thing is her Level 40 conversation. Her “dream”-kinesis ability is dwelled on a bit more, saying that she has made a personal connection with you through her dream abilities, meaning she can only contact and connect with you. It goes over why she decided to do this with a total stranger, and she explains that she just believed in the summoner that much. Like…that’s a lot of freaking trust to put in a person. And the fact that she’s happy with her decision is just baffling. Again, I’m not sure why it stuck with me so much, but just the way she has been characterized so far made her such an important character to me, and it’s kinda unfortunate she’s probably not gonna be expanded on more.

But that’s okay. She’s a character I still have fun using, for about two years now. X)


Gosh she is pretty in that pucture. :feh_bylethblush:

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She sure is purdy. (Pretty)


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Long version

Part of it is admittedly bias since the Tellius duology was my first experience with the series, but it still has among the best story and strongest cast in the series. Plus, after playing other games in the series and returning to it, he was a huge relief as a Lord character who isn’t actually royalty. He’s just a normal guy trying to do his part to do good in the world

Short version

Have you seen him in RD? He T H I C C


Nephenee was my first 5* unit outside of the one you pick and she carried my team throughout my time on feh

I agree.

:muscle: Very thicc. :fgo_scathach_blush:


Sacred Stones was my first FE game. So Eirika was my first lord I knew (outside of smash). On top of that she’s cute, and has a kind and caring personality. Which is something I like a lot in characters.


Awakening is probably my favorite game in the series. And of course Lucina is a prominent character in it. Not only is she also cute, but she’s kinda a badass what with going back in time to save the future.


So it first was just thinking “hey is stats are pretty good, let’s build him since he gets lots of shit for no good reason.” But once I did build him I started to learn a bit more about his character through his dialogue. And I’ve also grown to like him for that too. At a glance Bartre looks like your stereotypical “Manly man.” Big, strong, not always the brightest. But in a lot of ways he also bucks typically male stereotypes. He’s quite sensitive, and believes it’s important to talk about your feelings instead of keeping things bottled up. Which is definitely true and applies to everyone. He also cares a lot about his family, which is another trait I like.


She’s hot. Yep that’s it. Not everything is deep or meaningful


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