Desperate Galeforce B!Eliwood CLAPS Altina's cheeks

Like oof, I got through infernal like it was nothing with him and WoM NY!Azura. PSA, use B!Eliwood in this if you have him, Altina and her reinforcements don’t stand a single chance against him with Desperation and Galeforce with the HB Seal.
Donno how I’m gonna do Abyssal, if I even attempt it. But that was an epic gamer moment, I count this as a win, I don’t think I even need to attempt Abyssal.


I told y’all his name was Eligood


Imagine having B!Eliwood :feh_elisad:

I might try out the OG Eligood on this map though :feh_royyes:

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I prefer to keep my foes grounded with my Air Superiority.

Could or could not work. I think B!Eli only does so well because he’s a lance :feh_maethink:

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Not bad :ok_hand:

I’ve got a Galeforce B! Eliwood myself, but I already beat Infernal on this :eyes:, might consider him for Abyssal now though, depending on how that goes.

Shield clapped them hard