Destiny bottles - first usage?

so the upcoming event should give us our first destiny bottles (basically destiny gems, but far better)

no idea how many we’ll get of course, but jp had 25 total for its event. which you could exchange all for a destiny gem of the new event 4-star girl. no idea if you had to roll her first though, like with ren, but I’m gonna guess probably so. with the addition that this offer is likely only active for the duration of the event

otherwise, the exchange rates are as follows:
1 bottle for a 2-star girl’s destiny gem (10 gems needed to +1 slot)
5 bottles for a 3-star girl’s destiny gem (3 gems needed to +1 slot)

so, who do you plan on using your bottles on? or will you simply save for the time being?

gonna be giving nanaka another 1-2 slots myself, and no, idk why I decided to make this thread with this board being as dead as it is

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25 bottle
1 bottle for felicia,
so about 20 bottles for her

and the remaining 5 for oriko, probably

should see the how dead gamepress channel on the discord is
yet every other channel is alive

wow, maybe I should join it. dead channels are the best

(I mean this seriously, btw. live channels go 2fast4me)

every other channel is alive tho :grimacing:
its just that 1 specific channel,

Probably Yachiyo or Tsuruno, so they can be my first fully slotted 5* megucas once uncapped

then iroha, felicia and sana join that group and you’ll have the main group fully slotted