Dewgong. Discuss.... ELITE TM's

Im thinking of investing two elite TM’s to get the Double Legacy menace that causes me problems, somewhat rare in GBL and hard to prepare for, using as a safe swithc with icy wind can help it flip any match up.

Will cost two elite TM’s and 120,000 Stardust… any users recommend him?

First of all, personally I would not recommend pushing something just after you had difficulties defeating it. Second, if you won’t use the TMs something else, why not? ;)
I would lead with it rather using it as a safe switch, but this not in general, but more because I like debuffing moves more as lead charged moves, chance is bigger that opponent switches and drives you to your possible counter.
I think it is not as good as it seems vs four common threats - azu, skarmory, stunfisk and gunfisk. Therefore I would not invest such a huge amount of resources. But it is always dependent on the options you have…


Its mainly because i have every Mon viable in the great league (Bar legendaries) at the moment and love using different teams everyday i like variety, i took the plunge and invested in it and used it safe switch today, flipped so many match ups and enjoying it so far! Have a team to use tomorrows sets as a lead, Tropius cover and Toxicroak on the safe switch

Then you answered it by yourself :slight_smile:
Just do it (nike pays me)
I remember wanting that bastiodon so hard. And I used all my resources to build it up, that was hella expensive. I use it really scarcely now. Still fun to have it.

Account I played yesterday saw Dewgong lead three times, it didn’t bother me bc that one was leading Lanturn. People aren’t going to plan to counter it specifically because the price is steep for the average player.

You also don’t need specific counters since fighters and electrics are used anyway to counter gunfisk and azu respectively, or? Often even in the same team

I just did my rank 1 battles, I started Scrafty and favorable on all the leads. Dewgong’s icy wind not gonna keep up with that, people doing that will invite some flyers I guess.

I think it’s good you went with your gut and it has worked out for you. I have a tendency to work to invest in a pokemon much like @stativision did for bastiodon only to not have success with the investment or have the meta change to where it wasn’t as useful. That’s the only reason I haven’t put much into my dewgongs. Besides, for me, the counters to dewgong are pretty common.

I’d say Dewgong is worth the investment, but you have to be sure that A) you’re not needing the ETM’s anytime soon for something more valuable and B) you have a good team ready to go with it. I don’t think it’s a waste of your ETM’s anyhow. All pokemon are outclassed by something anyway and you just have to make the best use of it until then. I have no regrets of Thundershock Shadow Zapdos, no regrets of a Shadow Ball Mewtwo (and even TMing it into Focus Blast the next season because of a different team) for example.

The worst Dewgong can face is probably a fighter. Most other matchups aren’t even that bad and can even leave the opponent as an ideal farm opportunity for your next pokemon coming in

Beware of grasshole teams though. Dewgong does not perform well against those

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grasshole teams

Now this is just rude lol

I don’t really use mine much anymore. Water pulse is such a trash move and It’s really hard to fit in a team. I feel like it needs Toxicroak, medicham, or DD. Hypno works too, but forces you to stay in against gunfisk, which requires everything to go right. mindlessly throwing it into team is no bueno. All of those options outside of hypno is pretty bad vs grasshole too. I see that a lot lately.

On the positive there’s plenty of teams that just lose to it on the lead. Opponent swaps out of a bad lead, dewgong sticks around and throws an icy wind to chip and keep switch. Very hard to come back from. I use mine exclusively in the lead for that reason. I’ve seen people use it as a swap as well.

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You can also use blizzard to surprise people. Just need two steel coverers then

Ooo that’s daring. I like it. I bet more seasoned players might see it coming, as you usually want to fire off stat lowering moves ASAP, but in these early ranks I could see it for sure.

Well I even guess that with dewgongs bulk you could fire off one IW, farm a bit and then switch to nuke later with Blizzard. Don’t know if practicable, since the fast move takes a while to build up energy…

So is using bastiodon + double (shadow) razor leaf though. Thats the most toxic team by far

I spent my first two Elite Tms on Alf, and she’s become my most reliable lead. The attack debuff helps to turn matchups around, almost beating Play Rough + Hydro Pump Azumaril variants in the 0-0, making Azu farmable for my next ‘mon. She’s very scared of Counter users however, so a flyer is a pretty synergized partner.

I used my Elite TM from Season 3, made a shadow Swampert…it is only ranked 709 of its kind for Great League. Going to graduate it to Ultra and it advances to #4 Shadow Swampert there. Figure on leadoffs against Shadow Machamp I can try to force two shields and just use one…then follow with something unfazed by fighting? At the least I’ll practice with it before Ultra.

Dewgong gonna beat mine hard. But Swampert gets 2 HCs off before 1 Skarmory SA.

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Wow, had to look that up. Unbelievable that swampert vs skarmory thing