Diary of the Newbie Amnesiac Doktah

Ok, so I finally got bored enough with the still mostly-in-effect quarantine and decided to give this a try.

I just went straight into it and haven’t read up on anything yet. So first thing I wanna know is are the low rarities here actually good, or at the very least useful, like in FGO? Or are they like in most other games where they are mainly placeholders not worth a damn once you get higher rarity ones that massively powercreep them?

Here’s the first 10-roll I did in that tutorial banner (I think it was the tutorial banner anyway since that’s where the game made me go for that first single roll) once the game let me explore the menus on my own.

I’m likely not gonna reroll even if they’re crap but I wanna know who’s who and how long they’ll hold up.


The low rarities in ak are good. Yes, they will be power creeped as you pull higher rarity ops, but they still work well even in the later game stages. One thing they have over the higher rarities is cheaper deployment cost, so you can get them out quicker which may be the difference in beating or losing a stage. I encourage you to level your 3* and under since it’s pretty cheap to anyway.

Your pull is pretty good. You got Exusai, the 6*, which is one of the better dps options in the game. You also pulled 2 aoe snipers in Meteorite (the 5*) and Shirayuke (4*). Both are very good as far as aoe snipers go, with Shira even dealing arts damage with one of her skills. Your other 5*, Projekt Red, is really good as well. She is special for her fast redeploy time, so you can drop her in to stall or kill something quickly, retreat her, and then have her ready for another pretty quickly. She also has a stun on deployment in her second skill I believe.

So you’re pretty set on snipers for now. All in all it’s a solid pull. Some more guards and defender would be good but you just started so they’ll come soon enough.


Thanks. :+1:

Couple of other questions I have at the moment.

I haven’t done any more pulls yet and the recruitment thing is gonna take a while. Should I just use up those things that speed up recruitment? Or is there any reason at all to save them?

What else is Orginite used for? Should I hold on to them or do I just turn them into gacha currency?

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Originite is mostly used for 4 things: Turning into Orundum (The red currency), buying Skins, Sanity refreshes, and buying packs. I suggest you save your Originite for buying the level up packs for they have tons of value.

As for recruitment you can splurge them all if you want. Mostly to constantly refresh them until you find the rare tags known as Top and Senior Operator tags. They guarantee you 6* and 5* Ops respectively. But I suggest you hold on to them until you unlock the function to refresh the recruitment tags every 8 hours.


Just to add, some people have the stance that Orginite should only be used for buying skins as everything else can be gotten through regular play. Even the items in the level up packs can be gotten through regular play.

However its upto you and i agree with @Nytfall that its not a bad idea to buy level up packs especially if you’re f2p and don’t really care about skins. But never use them to refresh sanity or buy furniture, thats a complete waste.


Yup, hello @LeiCiel to ak forum, this game’s gacha is much more forgiving, so a welcome breather from fgo :smile:

Onto your 10 pull, you got one of the best units, in chinese server she is known as one of the 3 gods - They are Eyjafjalla, Exusiai, Silverash. You got the middle one, a top pick!

As for lower rarities they can match their higher rarities if their levels are equal, but the sad part is Where 4*s and above have 2 ascensions, 3 stars have one and 2 stars and below have 1 ascension only. So 3 stars can be useful till mid game, but late game they will be outshined by their counter parts. You should still raise them if you want to get to mid game quickly and farm more resources for the higher rarities, since 3 stars and below require very low resources for ascensions, where as 5 and 6 stars are hell to ascend in the beginning, 4 stars are inbetween not too hellish, not too low.

Tl;dr - Raise your 3 stars and below, they cost less to raise, so that you can use them to farm mats for your higher rarities.

Also save your OP, since the level up packs in the shop are absurd with their cost to return ratio, if yyou plan to be f2p save them, then think about skins and using them for summoning. As for recruitment, just try to see the this link, it can help you get a 4* or above with the available tags. Good luck and have fun~

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Looking at how promotions work, is it safe to assume that it’s fine if I use up those Sanity potions (considering they’re time-limited) to repeatedly farm for EXP? That way I can get their levels up to do the harder missions to get the chips I need to promote them?

Or should I just take my time with those and focus on farming other stuff?

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For the start it should be fine, but Exp and LMD (QP) hell are everlasting, so once you can get a good base team I’d recommend building your base up so that you can farm those 2 passively - this can be done at 4-10 so you’re free to do as you wish until then! Also a lot of stages in 4th chapter are very useful for mat farming so do save the bulk of the mat farming for those stages.

Another thing to note, here skill levels are quite useful (sometimes more than levels), but they are limited by promotions (ascensions).

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Also there is a special promotion right now which leaves all the farming stages open for all days, so do take advantage of that and tryo to promote your units faster since the usual stages for promotions are locked in certain days like Mon/Wed/Fri so on.

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I noticed that, though I can only go as far as the second difficulty for those.

Need more stuff for levels and skill levels. From what I’ve seen so far, ever little bit seems to count.

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Yup, initially level your operators, that gives more return. But after reaching mid game, skills give more advantage since each level cost more than an arm to raise. Don’t hurry there, raise your 3 stars to the max level, then you can tackle almost all daily content.

There are free ops in the shop, in the credits sections and in the red vouchers section, sadly you missed one of the best 4 star defenders due to the red vouchers shop refreshing, but you can get her from summons so no worries.

I vote for using originite to buy packs when they’re available (up to lvl 70) because sure, along with gacha currency you get mats you can farm BUUUUT we all know where and what we absolutely loooooove farming, right? :fgo_insane: and AK’s equivalent of gold mats is a pain to farm. So if you lack farming from FGO, sure, ignore premium packs :fgo_insane:

As for how good 3* are in this game, you should check out this guy’s vids for easy build squads). It’s a rare occasion when he can’t clear a map without a 5* or a 6*. He also makes guides for resources/chips farming stages with those same easy-built squads.

A piece of advice: when you get Cuora from Headhunting, invest in her. Seriously, just do. She’s one of the best defenders in the game and very much usable at later stages as well.

Buy Courier and Gavial from Credit Shop.

One more piece of advice: autofarm is the best QoL improvement BUT. When you E1 your operators (and sometimes this happen at E2 as well, but you’re a long was away from that for now), deployment cost of your operators increase, and it may (and most probably will) make your auto-deployment fail. So if you actively work on your operators and change their stats, promote, improve skills etc, create new auto-deployment squads from time to time.

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Welcome to the humble gamepress Arknights community.

1- First of all, congratulations on your first 10x roll, you got excellent luck.

The first chapters of the Story have special mission called “training” that will explain how to use your operators and what to do with each different class.

2- Low rarity operators are good. Don’t let other people tell you otherwise: this game requires more stategy than FGO. If you choose the right skills, party composition and place your operators in good places (messing up here is going to cost you dearly)… you can beat anything with low rarity operators (save maybe some particularly challenging maps)

I advise, for example, to use your Melantha (4th from the right of your recruited operators). She is my favourite operator: i use her even in late chapters and she performs very well. An example of low rarity but good.

Also, in this game you need to use DP points in order to place units in the battlefield. Each DP is gained more or less each few seconds.

Low rarity operators are cheap, so they requires far less DP points than rarer units. This means you can create mixed teams in which you exploit the cheap cost to defend your positions and buy time until you can place your stronger units.

4- Let me explain why your roll is exceptionally good:

You got Meteorite (third from the left), a strong AoE sniper that can injure/kill multiple nearby units per hit.
Shirayuki (first from the right) is exactly like Meteorite, but lower rarity so weaker.

You got Exusiai (second from the right) that is excellent at wiping out normal mobs in a short time.

Then you have Projeck Red…well, she is more complicated. Learn a bit how to play the game before using her properly. But in short she is a master of fast redeploy. Meaning, placing her, dealing damage to someone, retreating her, placing her again somewhere else.

Anyway, have fun.

Also, if you want to know more about the operators you rolled:

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ShiraYuki’s 2nd skill deals arts dmg and slows enemies, Meteorite deals physical dmg on both skills and debuffs on 2nd. They’re both AoE snipers, but I wouldn’t call them exactly alike.

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Well, i was making things simpler since LeiCiel started today playing the game.
They are both AoE snipers, it’s a good start.
One can think later about the finer details like 2nd skill (that LeiCiel probably won’t unlock in the next days, since it requires promotions and level ups)

Once LeiCiel has gathered the resources needed to promote both, the experience of game gathered will be enough to make LeiCiel understand the differences of these 2 operators.

But for a start, saying that both are AoE snipers (one stronger one weaker) is good enough. In my opinion.

By the way, what’s better to focus on since I just recently started?

Leveling and promoting rapidly? Or advancing the story while slowly leveling now and then?

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I suggest you to do the first 3 chapters, 0 - 1 - 2 to learn a bit about the story and the operators.

Then i would start focusing only on levelingvup and promoting things.

After that, with stronger operators advance again into main story until things start to get hard.

Stop and level up.

Reason is: story content at the moment is only 5 chapters, if you rush all that you are left with is farming.

Alternate story and periods of farming only sessions

Also a tip, save your Yellow certs for an op 6 star operator or a 5 star you want instead of buying tickets, if you want to buy tickets, buy all of them with 258 yellow certificates.

Also do try to clear a bit of annihilation, it gives free 1200 onundrum, and refreshes every week on monday

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Is there any other way of getting yellow certs?
I’m pretty lucky when it comes to headhunting but not on recruiting. I want to get Ifrit before she’s removed in the shop but I don’t know any other source (except for annihilation since I still have a pretty weak squad and I need promoting materials at the moment)

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Refer this everytime you get a set of tags and try to get a 4* at a minimum. It’s what I do even now, I farm my yellow certs here.

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