Did Altria (Caster) just stole the spot of Art Goddess from Tamamo?

DW even has the audacity to call her Charisma of Hope “B”
while its better than Dreamlike Charisma “A” from Memelin
Now I feel like Tamamo really needes a buff and I hope Memelin gets some love too (He never got buffed every since his release)

In a sense yes. Tamamo still works and she’s even better now especially with Caster Artoria together but her role individually, is much less apparent in comparison.

Just a little bit of a facepalm to give all the needed buffs slapped onto a completely different servant. It might even be possible that DW starts developing two mega supports for each card type.


…It like DW trying to replace poor Tamamo with a new servant. Welp, everyone always love new generation servants, I wouldn’t be surprised lot of peep will roll for her.

I can see myself rolling on Summer 4 rerun once this drop in NA.

People keep saying Tamamo is dead, which is a bit wrong because they are not similar at all. Castoria certainly has a kit that is more general use than Tam’s. Its probably more desireable to bring Castoria for lets say farming, because battery supports with damage steroids are super valuable for it and simplify things. For other content you might bring one over the other depending on what you’re trying to accomplish with your team.

Tam still has a unique gameplay mechanic that is absolutely busted, which is the party cooldown reduction. Nobody else in the game can do that. As long as that’s the case, Tamamo will still have some relevance in FGO, even if it is just in stall teams.

Also here’s a little secret for those overreacting about her “replacing” Tamamo: YOU CAN USE THEM TOGETHER IN A TEAM! Who would’ve thought huh? But in all seriousness, they’d have great synergy with each other. Lowering a servant’s cooldowns will always be good.


I feel like Tama is still better for longer fights while Castoria is an upgraded Arts-Skadi where she runs out of juice after 3 turns.

Hopefully Tama gets something cool.

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Saber, but caster. facepalms

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Kind of yes. Tamamo and Castoria complement each other very well so that’s most likely going to be the go to arts team from now on but her sole spot as the go to arts support has been ripped from her slightly.

Tamamo is still gonna be better for longer form fights because of her sustainability but Castoria has her beat everywhere else.

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They complement each other but she’s definitely no longer the Arts buffer she was prior in terms of farming optimization, although Bride with her 30% charge - while not completely eliminating her value, as 3T 50% NP Up is still grand - dealt her quite the blow ages ago. Can’t exactly forget that.


Yes. She did.
She also stole Nero Bride’s and Jeanne’s (to an extent).

Imagine needing MLB Kscope to loop. Space Ishtar was already very versatile but now she is straight up better than Dantès


Back to arts looping again. Nice.
But one problem will be lack of crit stars (which is not a problem with quick looping).
I foresee situations where this arts looping comp wouldnt be able to kill the 3rd wave in 1 turn due to lack of face card crits.

But with double CasSeiba plugsuit tama, you can get 150%arts up, 40%charisma + plugsuit attack up, tama’s np strength up plus any self buffs the looper has on top of the ce, which could be freaking black grail if they refund enough. I’d say you’ve got a very good shot at not needing face cards.

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Why would you need crit stars when you can replace MLB Kscope with a Black Grail and dealing 2x the damage quick servants can do under the Double Skadi system.


Castoria plus Tama plus Bride. Nice.

A lot has been said just within the past 24 hrs, but like with Skadi, we’ll only see cracks in this system if circumstances prevent looping. As long as you can loop cleanly, lack of stars, heals, and DEF Up is irrelevant.

Unless farming gets a hell of a lot tougher, there will be little practical difference between this system and DSS except that players without NP levels on their main loopers won’t be nearly as inconvenienced if they have a Black Grail and a workable Arts Servant. E.g. 180k+ NP damage currently kills the vast majority of wave 3 targets about as dead as 300k+ from Summer Musashi will.

Still hoping for a change to the game so that not every daily activity is a looping farm, just for variety’s sake.

We’ve seen musashi Zerker loop cleanly against Zerker waves of all things so unless they make normal mobs have break bars or start dealing in 2 enemy waves I dont think we’ll see many circumstances preventing them from wrecking shit.

Honestly seriously hoping they make those system wide changes they mentioned soonish because otherwise there is going to be basically no reason not to use this comp ever if you have access to it and it’s going to make the game an exercise in insanity outside of CQs. DSS at the very least had some slight issues W2 and W3 damage wise at the top level where you may have to adjust how you play but this is literally press np equal win.

Tamamoe is going to do the same thing she’s been doing for the past five years. Castoria is now the main arts support, but Tamamoe provides big damage when use along side her, this includes DCS. Tamamoe is going to still be used for arts team, she’ll just be one if the many arts supports that can supplement arts dps needs.

Premiere arts loopers actually do better with tama/ria support, since they dont need the extra battery and tamamo’s np buff gives bigger multiple.

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Sure, who cared anyway about having to find a delicate balance between various servants and CEs in a way that lines up with a quest’s specific challenges and stays within the cost restrictions ?
Clearly, let’s only be concerned about Tamamo here.

Most of them will still require the double NP charge from Castoria since they want to be carrying a Black Grail.

Even Anastasia doesn’t do a full refund NP loop on non-Casters without major NP gain support, so Servants similar to her should require a plugsuit if they don’t want to run 2x Castoria.

One interminable debate at a time. She just launched, so no rush :stuck_out_tongue: