Did everyone else get their PM badge? + Are you still playing PM?

Haven’t gotten the badge yet, so I just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss a post somehow.

Also, how’s everyone doing in PM? Got bored of it a while back, if I’m being honest.

I haven’t gotten the badges too.

As for PM, I already deleted the app last month.

Haven’t gotten them either. I was a bit concerned and wondered if maybe I hadn’t commented 100 times but glad to see that this isn’t the case.

I still have the game. I still login to do the dailys and what not (just auto everything not in co-op). I’ll probably play a lot more once the improvements stated by DNA are made. But, for anyone that still has the game, or even uninstalled it, you should login to collect the 3000 apology gems at least!

RIP Ampharos. You will be missed.

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I log in occasionally but the game play lost me quickly

Still play. The 2 free Evolution Crystals were amazing. The Chikorita I pulled today is now a Meganium thanks to that :)

Also, they still didn’t give the badge. Hope they do it quick.

No problem, I got one for ya

They have 3 though, and 5 shards as well, be sure to check every nook and cranny :smirk:

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I checked again and only found 1 more shard, which totals 4?! Gotta check again.

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kinda bored of the game because lags a lot on the phone.
even with my monstrous luck (got almost all the 5*), i really don’t see me playing it anymore.

no badge too

Funnily enough monstrous luck is really the only thing keeping me playing LOL


Has anyone gotten it yet? Am still waiting.

The Ace Trainer badge has been given out to some, but I have not received it yet…

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@DarkMalice @TheKyogre
You should ask Impulse about it if you still want the Ace Trainer badge.


Apparently only 3 people have the badge, I guess some people have to ask for it as well, then

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It’s been a while since I was here, but I still do not have it either

Thank you. I got it.


So that’s the catch. :ferdbirb:

So, like, a DM? @_@

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I guess you can try sending him a PM if you want the badge too. Or just @ him here.

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