Did hijikata's np buff help him?

Did hijikata’s np buff in jp make him significantly better? I haven’t used a hijikata in jp yet so I don’t know. I really think it was hijikata or kintoki that should have gotten buffed.

Yes because he is a even bigger nuke, so his reward is even better, and no because it doesn’t solve his biggest issue: lack of a Guts in his base kit or a way to get to low health instantly.

His potential effective damage at NP1 and 1 health is 2400% (1600% before Buster modifier), which no other SSR or SR Berserker even at NP5 can even come close to without trait based damage. But, how do you get him to low health without him dying? Guts is good but outside of solos an enemy can still jill him after it pops and the enemy has to hit him so you’re wasting a turn.

IMO his biggest “buff” was the introduction of Chen Gong. Chen can get Hijikata to low health (with a Guts CE), give him a nice set of buffs with Tactician’s desire and redirect damage so Hijikata doesn’t die before firing his NP.


Now he hits even harder then before, he can ignore class advantage because he is the Shinsengumi!!! not really

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It was nice.

Doesn’t really change how you play him, no. He still needs outsourced stargen and he still needs outsourced Guts.

Imo the introduction of the Return Match CE from GilFest is a buff because it’s essentially his bond CE (Guts and crit damage up) with a stat bonus

I mean… Hijikata np1 is still the strongest St np out of any berserker in the game at full hp.
He get defeated at np2 only by kintoki, and even then if you consider the 1k hp demerit on his 3 he is basically on the same level even without any external damage.
You could play him by his gimmick, or you can simply play him as a crit zerker.
He’s weakness are still the same, but is not thet hard to cover it (I mean, I have 3 poster girl, I can do what I want o.o)

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