Did the Meta Shift Change Your Rolling Plans For The Next 2 Years?

For me, not really. I’m still planning to target Arjuna Alter next year and Merlin for husbando reasons. I’ll throw a few at Summer Musashi in case I get lucky, but probably won’t spend on her since I have plenty of Arts servants.

I still won’t have a clear-cut choice for my Free SSR Ticket pick (already have both Waver and Tamamo), but it does put Arts AOE like Anastasia and Jinako in the running.

How about you?

Edit: I might grail Salieri, at least, if I get lucky and pull a Castoria. Thankfully he’s at NP3 due to the Extra GSSR banner.


Honestly no.

If anything, this apparent shift (not calling it set until post-Castoria updates come) reinforces the idea that we should roll for whom we like, because gameplay is subject to drastic change at any time. Having a 2 year preview does mitigate the shock, though.

I have virtually any Arts attacker I would want, anyway. Summer Musashi probably won’t be a target, because she strikes me as crazy overkill, and I’m not that big a fan.

Arjuna Alter still # 1 for next year’s list.


Not really, i just want to try to get Miyu (and Illya if she come with her), Kingprotea (not a priority), MUSAshi ( i like Musashi), Asclepius (is a story lock), Reines, Saber Astolfo and Orión


Still want Kama. Still want AA. Still delighted I got Edmond and Jarcher, still want them both NP5. Still want S. Ishtar but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Still don’t want QSH or 2x Merlin/QSH comps, still don’t care about Miyu or Nezha or Yan Qing or Orion or Herc or Okitan or Jason or others.

Naw. I just see a new cutie, who incidentally can make Jarcher go brr to the extreme.



I’m one of those heretics with strangely good luck who also dolphins/whales. (Hokusai being the biggest exception.)
I want Reines because she seems like an interesting character, what with both Reines and Sima Yi being separate and present at the same time.
I want to try for NEET-hime just to complete the gamer trio (Tomoe, Waver, Osakabehime).
Sitonai after her appearance in LB2.
Miyu because I liked her character after watching Fate/Kalied.
And I want Castoria because she seems somewhat charming like Lily.

Beyond that? Not really sold on the others.


Kind of the same but with just some addition, still gonna roll for AA then KP or Astarte . Maybe in 2022 will be mUSAshi/Astarte and artoria caster.

Really want jarcher though, but alas reality is cruel. I already have eresh so im kind of okay already, unless there will be an eresh summer servant :fgo_gaooo:


Not at all. The only meta that’s ever mattered is the golden one: Roll for who you like. The only thing I’ve really only found the meta to be relevant for is keeping track of what Friend Supports you’ll be seeing at any one point, and you don’t even need them. It’s not like anyone’s made obsolete because of it anyway


The big quick targets were already behind us, so not much changed in that regard. The way I see it, NA still has two years of quick fun ahead of us.


No. 2 years is 2 years. I may or may not be around when it hits NA if I’m being perfectly honest. Ask me again a year later then maybe but for the most part no.


As an F2P player, I personally think its wiser to plan to maximize what I have rather than aim for new buildarounds. That said, my 2 best boss killers ARE arts servants so I would like to get Castoria (Tamamo will also be fine ofc)

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Meh, none of my plans have changed

Who gives a shit about some damn meta? I’m rolling for the characters I like, if I happen to have a gap in gameplay I’ll stick to my low rarities.

Besides it’s coming out in two years, for me to even give a shit about this I’d have to assume I’d still be playing it by then.


Nah. I have almost every major support servant and when you have them you can basically rock anybody you want and get by the game’s content relatively easily, so meta defining rolls don’t really cross my mind.

I just roll for who I have interest in character-wise and if they suck, I’ll just make a team around them or use them casually in lower tier content like events. Arjuna Alter being my main target next year since I really love Arjuna and the concept of his Alter’s personality and character story is very interesting.

In the case of ‘meta shift’ dealing with Artoria, I don’t really feel like it’s game changing, it’s just Skadi 2: Arts Boogaloo, and I’ll see how she is as a character. She seems like Artoria Lily who I find absolutely precious but if it’s regular Artoria I maaaay skip or do light rolls only.


No, absolutely not.

I have always been a enthusiast of Art Servants / Art Teams.

I’ll never replace Tamamo.

Castoria means to me simply that instead of doing Waver - Vlad III (or art servant) - Tamamo, i’ll add a Friendlist Castoria.

So that i fire Waver’s buff, then Plugsuit Castoria to replace Waver

So yes, i’m not even going to roll for Castoria, to be honest


I will be rolling for Sima Yi (Reines), AA, Space Ishtar, Dioscuri and obviously Artoria Castor. I don’t really have a single summer servant that I like. Until they add Ereshkigal as one I will probably be staying away unless they make male summer servants (Ozy and Gil proto please).


Rolling plans, not really, no. I will still aim for Lanling come his banner and roll for Waver, just to say that I tried. Karna and Godjuna banner is still top priority come next year, I want at least one of them.
Free SSR ticket plans, kinda, not really sure. If Waver decides that his imperial self will grace my humble Chaldea and Karna decides to come, then I’ll pick Achilles. Before Castoria, I felt obligated to get Tamamo or Jeanne from the ticket, but now I don’t care enough to do so, I will however be rolling for Castoria banner as she is the ideal Arts support for my servants, as in ideal over Tama.


I might not even role for waver anymore with all the 50% battery people now. I might choose to get him in the ssr ticket but if I do get Sima Yi I wouldn’t feel like he is an absolute must although he would still be very helpful.

Not even Summer Musashi?

Summer Musashi is one of my least favourite servants I have played with her quite a bit on JP just to see if I could somehow like her but eh, she just doesn’t appeal to me. Although she would be good for gameplay reasons now.

I feel like I’ve sunk too much in all of Waver’s banners till now to stop at this point, I’ll see it to the end. Plus, I would love to use my SSR ticket on either Karna or Achilles.

I don’t care for her, either (and a I’m at least 85% certain I will still feel this way come rolling time!). When I look at her outfit, a little voice in my head mutters, “‘Murica…F yeah!”