Did we defeat Team Rocket?

I have been looking for a Rocket stop since this morning. I can see about eight stops from home and 12 if I walk a bit. Whenever I checked Pogo, there were no Rocket stops. I want to complete the quest, but they’re gone. Two days ago, in the town center, I saw two in an hour.

Do you have the same experience?

Team GO Rocket is scarier than you know, and don’t you forget it!

That count is too few to calculate. 20 Stops can sometimes net very few results; Sometimes an entire district worth 40-60 stops can have 0 in 2-3 hours.

They are still out there came across 1 or 2 last night

But only one or two? That is so few.
In the past I could find and battle 6 Rockets in half an hour.

After the leaders were introduce the spawn of grunts was reduced, probably because of Pokemon Go policy of “you need to walk and explore the world”, maybe too many people was doing the battle the grunts part too fast, or were ignoring the more annoying battles and looking for the easy ones, personally when I read “Don’t bother, I already won” I say “Ok” and go away without trying.

Niantic may have reduced grunt spawns so it takes longer to find 6 Mysterious Components so players use coins to buy Rocket Radars.

Where I live, Team Rocket is Feast or Famine. There are times where there are more Team Rocket stops on my radar on a “normal” day than during the Team Rocket Invasion event, then I might not see a single Team Rocket stop in the area for 2-3 days. (And not even a Team Rocket Leader in the area)

It’s to the point where I’m not even bothering to make the attempt to finish the Giovanni quest - a Purified Legendary Articuno (that might run from me anyway) isn’t enough to make me spend days trying to track down everything I need to finish this annoying quest.

The thing that’s annoying me most of all is that I had to spend almost 45K stardust to purify 15 Shadow Pokemon, as I only ran into 1-2 Shadow Pokemon that cost 1,000 Stardust. I consider it wasted Stardust because I only kept 2 of them (one being a Perfect Purified Porygon, which is… nice?), so the other 39K or so was just to finish the quest. That didn’t particularly endear me to this quest line either.

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The 45k stardust part sucked. I had like 7 for 1000 dust.
Anyway I see a rocket stop, I’m running

Too much turkey. They’re snoozing. Back on duty shortly.

Saw a bit less recently. Don’t really mind though, my area used to have 20-30 Rocket stops per hour, and now it’s still a reasonable amount.

Probably true. Earlier today I was thinking how a good amount of playtime goes towards working against Niantic. I don’t spoof or anything, but I certainly exploit the mechanics of the game and do not spend money.

I too do not bother all that much, which is why I haven’t completed the stage with battles yet. This game is fun, but as soon as I would invest money I think it would turn around.

That is too many. Have one or two available at all times is all I’m asking for.

I’ve already started saving bats and fish for next month, no way am i wasting more than 15k stardust for this each month

You forget that some Stops are “reserved” for Rocket Leaders each day. If you can’t see Grunts in some stops all day there is high chance leaders occupy them. You could see that during latest Rocket outbreak - some stops were not spinning while all the other were “infected”.

Anyway it seems algorithm for “infecting” Stops works pretty bad now. Maybe it takes “reserved” Stops into RNG calculation even when they cannot be turned on…

Considering how many times I read advice on here saying save something for the future or don’t do this or that until this point. This may be the actual time this advice works. What’s the rush in finishing the quests? Can always find more dust.

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With the Giovanni quest it is told that each month there could be a different Pokemon so you need to finish Articuno this month because next month it would be another Pokemon

Same here, completely lost interest in finishing this quest (a very first, as I usually really like a little extra challenge). The rewards are ridiculous and the Pokémons you get from the grunts are mostly (even purified) useless. Also wasted a stunningly large amount on Stardust for purifiying useless Pokémons. For the last 50 or so - if it was an undesirable one, I just gave it shadowy as it was to the Professor.

I have only one nearly 100% Charizard from the very beginning when grunts were introduced that was worth keeping. I even hate the stupid animations on rocket stops, I just want to spin them, get a gift and items and walk along. So I just walk all the time with the Gotcha to save time tapping these stupid animations away.

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And, if you haven’t noticed, reaching gold for Ultra Hero medal takes 20 fights with Giovanni which means at least 20 legendaries to catch. Seems like another source of legendaries outside of raids. They may even introduce legacy moves for them but one can only hope.

Which is great for solo players another way to get mons.

Well I don’t know, it would be great if you get lucky and get a great Pokemon, good IV’s that is, but what if you get a real crappy one with the best move-set, that wouldn’t be all that great… or they should chance it just like with raids that you get atleast something you can use…