Did you change any of the character languages?

Just a little curious if any of you preferred a characters language in something that isnt jp.

I have SA and FEater in Mandarin.

Nearl, Courier and Noir Corne in English.

Cliffheart, Phantom, Roberta, Corroserum and Rangers in Korean.

Just gotta say, Rangers in Korean sounds absolutely divine.

Oh and in case you didnt know, you can go to Settings → Voice → Customize settings to quickly test out different voice languages.


I have always liked the sound of Korean spoken language.

So far, the following 5 operators are in Korean in my Rodes Island. I especially like Ch’en’s korean voiceacting.

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I changed everyone who has an English voice available over! I’ve really been enjoying them. I wouldn’t say I necessarily prefer the English dubs to the Japanese ones (I think they’re both equally good), but I like hearing how the voice actors put their own spin on the original character voices.

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Before the EN and KR drop I was strictly JP and now I’ve tried every EN option to test them out. Some were really bad like either due to overacting (silverash sounded like someone playing silverash in a dramatic stage play) , possibly inexperience as some of them had no known voice over credits previously, lack of emotion, accent if it was just unrealistic for the characters background. (I mean kroos with a Cockney accent is harder to handle then a 1000 kokodayos) there was also the occasional totally unesscary choice of an almost seductive whisper by certain characters for certain lines and it felt like maybe they thought it was a Dating Sim despite the lines not being something any one would ever whisper seductively to someone (well effectively at least lol)

That said there was a number that were good and I swapped in.

Phantom had some overacting lines but that at least fit with the character and his background so I actually thought it helped his. Some stand outs were Ansel, Nightingale (as a first time VA she did very well) courier, Shaw was perfect FEater was great too, The only one switched that I’m not sold on is Kjera it feels off to have a Tibetan goddess has an Irish accent lol.


I have Platinum, Nearl and Fang in English. They fit a bit better than I expected for me. I am undecisive with Amiya and Exusiai since both sound good as well but JP has the slight advantage in tonality, if what I say makes sense.

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Yep, took the time to look at every new KR and EN va and then decided which matched the character better and I came to these conclusions

Most is JP, though I love Phantom’s over the top lines and Kjera’s cute Briish accent. For KR I just thought some voices matched better than JPs, like damn is Rangers good.

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