Did you enjoy Code of Brawl Event?

If i have to be honest, i enjoyed it a lot.

1- Italian cliché and references. As an italian, i found all of this amusing

2- Music is, as always, exceptionally good. My favourite is the last boss theme

3- Good challenging gimmicks. The bully enemy, blocked only by operators with minimum block 3. He alone keep busy your defender, leaving you to find ways to deal with the rest of the mob.

The enemy with the art shield that when broken start running…dangerous!

The mafiosi in general.

4- The last boss, the Rat King.
A boss that force you to think about which ooerators to use and where to place them, since he has the gimmick of special techniques against your hughest and lowest hp operators.

All that remains are EX stages, but my underleveled operators probably wont be able to clear many of them.

Still, i had lot of fun!


The event was enjoyable. The story is pretty good with an enjoyable twist.

The new enemies aren’t that tough since you only need 1 defender to block the chargers. The shielded enemies are pretty manageable since once their shield broke they drops faster than the regular trash mobs.

Rat King is a cool fight since the it fit him pretty well imo. Standing in the back letting his minions fight for him while also doing some AoE. Poor old man walked right into the Skadi+Ch’en gank squad, though.


Wow, so you ve done event with like e1 l35? That’s challenging)

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Well, i have good defenders and a few casters E1 level 50 (Haze and Amiya).

Also i used a lot Shaw and Cliffheart to remove enemyes from my defenders while keep hitting them with Platinum , Exusiai E1 , and the casters i mentioned before

The thing I enjoyed the most is the fact that we can know some operators better character-wise. I’ve always felt that Arknights dumped a huge amount of characters on us, and they don’t have enough exposition for us to really care for them and like them for something more than their art. So I really love it when we have events which allow us to actually know who we’re working with :) Also, Penguin Logistics rocks :fgo_bbgrin: poor Bison tho, feels like his whole world went upside down when he saw how things are done in Lungmen xD


I liked it! It was a fun little romp and it made me like Penguin Logistics way more. The maps were pretty easy themselves but the new gimmicks were interesting. Looking forward to these challenge maps tho


Gonna drop this right here~

One of the better cutscenes the game had dropped on us imo. What I really found interesting was the bar fight cutscenes. I just found it amusing that Crossoint (yeah can’t spell that) was counting how much money they were throwing away with all the booze they’ve been throwing as weapons.

As for the fights themselves I actually was caught off guard by the big Naruto runner. I misunderstood what his gimmick was and thought that only a 3 blocker can stop him and things would proceed as normal. I didn’t expect him to actually take up the entire block count on his own or he’ll run pass one if the blocker already had someone blocked.


Also, how entertaining are the drunkards that drink cheap wine before swinging their giant hammer?

Very nice event!

Those guys? They weren’t really a threat at all since my Schwartz just melts them with her S2 or S3. I found that she’s actually quite good during this event for its filled with tight corners and straightaways. Though I did fail to 3* one level because of them. They destroyed those terminal thingies which caused me to lose 1 HP.

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I used my Haze (i just love my black magic Cat) against them.

I could have used best fox Provence, but she is still level 1

Personally loved it!! I like how Penguin Logistics is just one big mess and everyone just lets them do as they please. Texas’ “done with life” face is legendary.

The only gripe is… the event should be renamed to Bison and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Night


event is decent but brain too small to defeat the rat king,
stuck at cb-10.


im not sure if were allowed to link stuff here but kyostinv and many others have youtube guides for all stages.

I follow always kyostinv videos, because i like to see his way of clearing a stage.

But he usually take some days before he posts videos of new content, so in the mean time i have already cleared the stages by myself

Same tbh, I had to watch a guide lol. The gist of it from what I got is to get familiar with the AOE of the rat’s specials and keep your lowest/highest HP ops away from the rest of your squad.

And of course as others said, Kyo’s videos help a lot. I always use his guides as a starting point and tweak as necessary.

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I loved it, because it allowed me to clear all the available maps on day one and I don’t have to worry about it till the challenge mode unlocks :v: :partying_face:

Sure, why not, it’s info sharing, not some scamming schemes :fgo_pancakeslmao:

As long as it isn’t some sketchy site you’re free to post/link stuff. So as long as it’s relevant of course.

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