Did you use your sanity potions?

( English is not my first language )

I need some advice, please??

So, for the past few days we got daily sanity potions, And mine’s almost expired. What should i do with this extra potions??

Is it for uncoming event that will need a lot of sanity ?? Or is it just for farming to prepare for contingency contract??

If you can, use them all as soon as possible. The upcoming CC event does not use ANY sanity (and the potions will expire before it starts anyways). Part 2 of the current event won’t need much - you’ll have a full week and should only need a day or two’s worth of normal sanity.

Use them to farm any materials you need before CC starts. Especially if you need any promotion chips or supply missions, since those are all unlocked right now. Today is the last day they are all unlocked, then it will go back to the normal daily rotation.


That’s good advice,

Here’s some more:
Go do this:

Oh and use the tag filter

You can recruit instantly with the expedited plan. Still set for 9 hours, but then just click recruit and you’ll see the ‘use expediated plan’ option.

Good luck, hope you get Top Operator

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Thanks, for the advice :)