Didn't get Skadi

Just wanted to put this here: I spent 130$, as well as all my free quartz and tickets, on trying to get Skadi. For a grand total of 340 quartz and 20 summon tickets. This is the heaviest I have ever whaled for any servant, ever. And I did not get her and likely wont as I do not get my next paycheck until towards the end of her banner, and even then, I don’t exactly have the financial liberty at the moment to be whaling on a gacha game in the first place… all-in-all, I’m just devastated, and wanted to put these feelings somewhere, even if I’m probably just screaming into the void…


Your feelings an understandable … And there is a thread where others like you go to grieve the lost of hard earned cash in these trouble times .

The Salt Repository … Go and let your feelings run wild for all to hear(read).


Yeah, it’s not a nice feeling missing like that. I had a similar amount of sq (from longer login bonus reward rather than paid) and also missed her. I could have saved more, I’ve known forever she was coming, but when 1 rate up ssr can take 1300 sq or more, I prefer not to put all my eggs in one basket and just roll whenever. 1300 sq fail stories is also what keeps me from spending money outside of GSSR’s. Haven’t done it yet, but I’m only getting the 12 and 4 pack of paid sq for the GSSR rather than the $80 pack because I know the rates are so low the extra isn’t likely to clutch a win anyway (but that doesn’t stop me from bond farming for a few more sq for as many chances as I can) so spending money on normal banners isn’t for me.

Did you at least get any spooks to soften the blow? I finally got ruler Jeanne, whom I’ve wanted for a long time but never found her banners very convenient to roll for. Also got one of my most desired to avoid ssr’s, np upgrades for 3 sr servants I like, and 2 new sr’s I’ve low key wanted, so at least I don’t feel like I’m walking away empty handed.

True I feel like I farmed ice and steel for no reason, but eventually someone will come along and need them. True I can’t participate in DSS farming that I’ve been preparing Parvati and zerkalot for, but the biggest benefit for DSS is high bonus event farming, and I can make up for that with more apples and the FGA farming app.

But I did get some nice servants out of it, Paracelsus still got his buff for the arts looping revolution I’ve also been preparing for, and fgo still goes on.


No ssr spooks… just a berzerkerlot and a Marie Antoinette.

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Ouch, only 2 sr’s makes it worse. Zerkalot is fun though, especially with his recent jet-jacking np animation upgrade. He’s even better at np2. Haven’t really used marie since kintoki rider came out

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She’s an outstanding Kscope-holder and clearer of some of the easiest farming in the game in Doors (well also past that as a serviceable farmer for actual event junk). Also long-term gets a worthwhile buff. One of my favorite warm body scope-holders. She holds that CE so well.


Dang, that sucks. I’m really sorry you didn’t get her despite dropping all that money. I can’t imagine how upsetting this must be, after all, it’s your hard earned money and the ridiculous SSR drop rates let you down hard. I hope you’ll pull through this disappointment soon.

Welcome to the forum, and to gacha. But I feel you man. It really sucks when the money didn’t pay off. I almost ended up the same on Brynhild banner; about 400 SQs, and like 90% of them are paid SQ - althought I got her in the end, I was like “is she really worth $200?” lol, I probably could’ve gone and got a new Nintendo Switch Lite for her price instead and immediately regret that impulse gacha pull, and no other 5* too! There are still leftover paid quartz for the GSSR, but I am just hoping that Brynhild pull her $200 weight. I probably would’ve quit entirely if Brynhild didn’t show up after all that.

Don’t get discouraged though, with the anniversary, there are still a few chances if you really want her. Login bonus gave an eventual 10 summon tickets, memorial challenge quests give like another 10, and if you haven’t bought the tix in shop, there are still 10 more tickets in there.

Welcome to the community, that a tragedy, is so sad
You want some mapo tofu to kill the pain?


Holy Sh**

Marie can loop the doors? Any requirements besides superscope? I have her at NP2 and she was always lackluster to me.

Never said super (I still don’t have it 3 years in). Scope + Mage’s + Skadi Buffs. No need to DEF Down any of the waves IME (or if it is it’s only like, W2), but I can choose to not do that, Skadi card (yay no Marie carding!), then just rinse and repeat.


I’ve already used all the tickets from the challenge quests, but I will definitely use the 10 tickets from the final login gift, as well as the 10 limited shop tickets once I have enough mana prisms to buy those as well. I will wait to use them all on the last day of the banner, when she is on solo-rate-up once more, and by then I should have a little more money from my next paycheck, so I will use at least 40$ of that if I have to. No more, no less, actually, as I really can’t afford to blow money on gacha in the first place.

Duuuuuude if you can’t afford to blow money don’t buy quarts in the first place ■■■■ skadi if you are losing money you can’t afford.

I agree here. It may be better off for you if you change your planned team composition and makes what you have to work. The thing with gacha is, especially if you are not a whale, you gotta work with what you get/have. This, I feel, is what pushes creative and non traditional style of gameplay.

Wouldn’t Ishtar be better for that considering she’s a free NP5? Since she does more damage i’m assuming it’s easier to loop using her, besides my Marie is only NP1 sadly so not sure i have much of a choice.

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RideRin doesn’t refund as well as Marie, so she requires a lot more charge support. See:


OK, so rant #2 for the day is just how close to irresponsible these gacha games are.

$80, or 167 SQ, gets you about a 33% chance at a solo rate-up SSR. Really? $80 is more (about 33% more) than the cost of a full AAA PC game. One that probably had a development budget of way over $100 mil these days.

And note that 167 is 1 SQ short of what you need to have an integral # of rolls if that’s all you started with. Talk about baiting people into buying “just a bit more”… and if you bought a 2nd batch of 167, you’d be 1 SQ over… Jeez…

You can’t even buy 30SQ for one multiroll in a single transaction. You in fact have to buy 18+5+5+1+1 if you really wanted to get enough for one roll. That’s $22, but oh, look, for just $24 you can get 41… that’s a good deal, right? I can bet that these numbers weren’t just picked out of a hat. It’s been designed in a rather cynical way to entice people to spend “just a little more”.

This is why I’m F2P even though I have a salary that I could whale with. I will do the GSSRs, because to me, spending $5/month on FGO is the appropriate level of its value for money.

I just rolled 960 (free) SQ to get get Skadi. According to the math, that’s $460 if I had bought that much. Not sure what it will actually be, but that’s probably close to buying me a new PS5 in the fall.

End rant #2.


How much something is worth is exactly how much someone is willing to spend. I agree with you that these gacha/lootbox mechanics are cynical, even predatory, but as adults we also need to know to stop. Same with gambling. But if someone wants to have an account full of np5 illyas, we can’t stop them


Yeah, I am well aware of all the tricks these games pull (I have literally taught classes on the cognitive biases and logical fallacies at work) but at the end of the day, we’re all adults here. While I acknowledge that human cognition is heavily flawed, we are not helpless or lacking in agency, and being a mature adult means learning how to deal with and overcome temptation.

Gacha games may be manipulative, but they’re not even on the list of entertainment products I would consider legitimately dangerous. I’d much rather anyone spend their paycheck on anime girls than alcohol or cigarettes.


I’ll never get over that screenshot of a entire page of illya