Different countries?

How do you cast spells in “different countries”? Is it literally different countries, or are foundables designated countries? I can’t figure this one out.

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I think it is supposed to be literally different countries but there has been some report of people unlocking it without going abroad. For instance I unlocked it without moving from home by logging in on my secondary device which happens to be set up in a different language. It seems to be a bugged feature at the moment.

You can achieve the different countries by changing the language/region settings on your phone and then freeing a foundable for the new country. The game will recognize the chosen region as the one you’re playing in. Totally worth the effort because achieving 10 countries nets 300 gold coins.


Was the country challenge removed from the Achievements list? I just attempted what was advised above, then scrolled through the list to see if it registered, but there was no achievement listed :thinking:

I wonder that too…
I don’t see it either

Hey everyone this achievement has actually be removed from the game and was one of the first things the devs changed!