Difficulty in arena

Apologies for the millionth arena QA thread I’ve put up, but arena has been particularly frustrating this time for me.

It just feels like I’m always outclassed (even though I use L!Chrom and L!Azura). My L!Chrom just gets beaten up by speed based L!Chroms and L!Corrin, L!Azura feels weird to use as she doesn’t really assist much aside from mobility, Flame Emperor just dies constantly (even though I’ve wasted REALLY nice fodder on them), and trying to use bonus unit Anna is just pain+.

Water Team

My wind team is still unfinished due to my indecisiveness (I tried using Travant as my third unit and it hasn’t exactly worked out), so that’s not really an option right now either.

Current wind team

It can just be frustrating constantly losing, and I feel bad for constantly putting up the same kinds of QA threads due to my own indecisiveness.

Do I just need to change my mindset on playing arena, or do I just need to overhaul my teams to be more effective?


print(“Do you want to be competitive?”,answer)
#input “yes” or “no”
If (answer == no):
 print(" you should play with a balanced team of your favorites, a red armor counter or a strong green armor counter, two ranged two melee try to go with beginner and clear the 5 weekly rewards"
 print (“you should go and whale for legendaries like nott, dagr and sigurd”)
#end of the program

Now Arena is a competitive mode that if you dont spend dont expect to compete with the people that spend, getting perfect score is a titanic task and doing it weekly makes a dent in your mental health, you should really go for minimum effort, that is what I do and I never have problems with it.


Sorry to hear that, there’s some really annoying units (for me, L Claude and Sigurd) so I can see where you’re coming from.

I think the units you’ve got are solid (maybe even Travant) but their builds might need changing to strengthen their performance. Like, I’d switch out CC from Chrom and go all out on offense to make him a strong nuke. Then I’d switch Flame Emperor from a DC build to a near save. This would really help both of them freeing up their A slots for more stats to be more competitive.

Then again, I peak at 20.5 so maybe I’m not the best source :sweat_smile:


Nott and Dagr aren’t legendaries

This person is obviously trying to be competitive given the multiple max merged legendaries.


Improvements to your current water team that you could make:

Ruptured Sky
Atk Cantrip

Sky helps her actually get a special off and the Atk debuff is nice when she dances.

Sturdy Impact
Heavy Blade 3

Really not sure why you have Swift Sparrow as his seal, definitely change that. Is that to try to double other L!Chroms or something? I don’t like baiting units in Arena as much as I can avoid it, so L!Chrom built offensively is my preference.

Flame Emperor
Crafty Fighter
Armored Stride
Def/Res or Atk/Def Solo

Not sure why you’re running Bold Fighter on her, particularly without Quick Riposte in the seal if you’re going to go mixed-phase. The Bond isn’t great with Bold Fighter, either. Above is EP commitment.


Think about L!Chrom’s A slot vs seal. They are for different phases. You may want to rethink that. Also, Flame Emperor’s build needs some work. I like the near save suggestion. Change the weapon (or at least the weapon’s refine) and B slot to focus on EP. This is just IMO of course. Maybe slaying hammer?

I know it can be difficult, but try to look at when you’re failing and why. Is it because you aren’t doing enough damage, getting blasted by specials, a certain color or movement type (or specific unit) that’s the cause? Then look at your builds and see how they could be modified to cover that weakness.


I see on your wind team you’re going for speedy Travant and speedy Chrom. Well, they aren’t naturally fast so it’s best to go all in if you’re trying to make them fast.

Are you having trouble with Chrom doubling? I feel like maybe RS special and a speed boosting seal (Spd/Res Solo perhaps) could be more beneficial.

Travant needs a speed boosting seal and maybe Wyvern Flight B Slot to really get things going for him if you’re dedicated to speed. B Duel Flying 4 boosts his score by 4 points BTW.


All of your feedback is very helpful. :feh_flaynsmile:

It seems that my units are not focused enough for a specific purpose.

My logic was to make my units more useful in both phases (especially with the Flame Emperor, as huge fan allows for a decent EPhase while bold fighter creates a decent PPhase).

Unfortunately, I don’t have certain fodder like ruptured sky (I may look like a whale, but I’m mostly F2P), but I’ll try to adapt based on what I have.


They might not be legendaries as originally implied, but they still can score in the 180 BST (185 technically with Prf B). So competitiveness can still be obtained.

speed based L!Chroms

My man’s

Although true, many even F2P units can score in that, or near that, range.

However, merged legendaries are the only way to score high enough to maintain tier 21 because of their boost to the scores of the properly blessed units on the team.

Based on feedback, I’ve brainstormed a few builds for my water team. Some extra feedback on refining these builds and I should be ready to start building them.

Flame Emperor

I’ve considered 3 builds: one that adapts my current build to all out enemy phase (although I’ll need to get crafty fighter), one fun player phase quad build, and a build that focuses on stacking speed (I could use sorcerers blade on this build).

Build 1:

Build 2:

Build 3:

Extra note, I have thought about bringing the Flame Emperor to earth season, so I can use them alongside W!Felix, while using a faster axe unit in water season.


Just a simple change. Just adding sturdy impact and atk/def solo for very high bulk when initiating combat. Close foil could be fun to try, but I don’t have it right now.


Some very small adjustments, swapping hone atk 4 for atk tactic, with the sacred seal being swapped for guidance for extra mobility. Unfortunately, I don’t have B-duel-flying 4 or extra ruptured sky fodder, but that’s fine.

Build 1 seems the better overall, but if you can’t get crafty fighter now, go for the Build 3.
Yet, my bias is telling me to go for Wary Fighter instead, considering the super speedy foes and some slow ones that have a forced follow-up. That way, he can tank some foes while Chrom - and Azura, to an extent - use their ranged attacks to finish the foe he’s fighting against.
If these types of enemies are not common on your arena runs, then you can drop Wary Fighter.

I was about to suggest Guidance to Azura as well. Flame Emperor and non cavalry units sometimes need the help of Guidance to retreat from enemies coming too close at your tank. Guidance lets your entire team regroup and create another formation to deal with them.


I had never thought about using wary fighter on Flame Emperor. Could really boost durability.

However, I’m a little worried that certain movement shenanigans would occur if the opponent is left alive (e.g. wings of mercy and to change fate).

I used to compete every week for T21, it was such a huge frustration, although I was able to do it… Then I decided “screw it, I’m gonna just play arena every other week”. It was easier, for a while, then with more and more OP heroes being introduced I felt it was still frustrating to get a perfect score in T20 and eventually I just gave up, not worth the trouble for 1 orb a few more feathers.

Now I don’t play arena at all for 2-3 weeks, and once in a while, when I drop to tier 17-16 I play with whatever +10 champions I want, some not even +10, disregard seasons completely and I can even lose units during battle and I still end up going up in tiers :D


For my Flame Emperor, would it be worth using my divine codes to get Gatrie for Crafty Fighter?

  • Use divine codes to get crafty fighter for a high defence enemy phase build
  • Keep divine codes and go for a speed build instead

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