Dimitri before the timeskip looks way better than Dimitri after the timeskip

Change my mind (actually you can’t).

Prepares to use psychic powers

Oh look, another wrong opinion

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Gay opinion




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I’ve been avoiding Three Houses,like,everything,as much as I could,just because I wanna go in as ‘‘fresh’’ as possible,so I have no formal opinion on this matter.

Buuuuut,the general consensus here seems to be that your opinion is wrong,so i’ll just go with that :+1:


I agree, I dont like his hair more now actually



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I don’t care about 3H but I can say I agree with this. Post-timeskip looks like he wakes up in garbage. And so absolute “No Thanks!” on post-timeskip look.

If you don’t care about 3H, how about stop going to threads related to it and crapping on it


Why can’t I like this post

I’ll like in your place :+1:

Except a lot of the threads are related to 3H, so it’s either ignore Gamepress, or… :man_shrugging:

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That first option sounds fine :feh_corrinmug:


Well there are still a good lot that aren’t 3H
And you can still be slightly positive on the threads


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I mean, considering how this thread is basically a back and forth on a characters garbage design…

And they still gave their opinion on the original point of the topic, so I don’t see what the problem is. :man_shrugging:

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