Dimitri build help and is this weapon effect proposed better than current one

His stats are similar to horse chrom. It"s just that his lance is a bit iffy to use and chrom’s kit is synergistic to his suit (easier but risky to set up). If his lance was a bit different he would be a better unit to use.

(like this) Noble lance: atk+3 if unit HP=100% grants +3 to all stats and foe and unit can’t make follow up attacks. If unit HP is >100% +3 all stats and guaranteed follow up attack

Mine is -spd + res . I want to build him like this. Other builds are welcome.

Special-- Aether, ignis, bonfire
Blessing-- wind (have +atk -hp Gunnthrá)

A-- Fury 3 (fortress def/res 3 for bulk and with 3 ward cavalries +12 def/res) death blow 4 still works
B-- lul atk/def 3 (give him Claude’s lul for extra spd and/or have a + spd Dimitri)
C-- Ward cavalry cause it’s easier to get (goad is harder to get) , mostly untouchable (lul skills) and they stack ( savage blow 3 also works )

SS- heavy blade 3 , brazen skill, stance.

If neither Dimitri or his foe can make a follow-up attack, then why is he gaining +3 to, for example, his speed stat?

And if his lance grants him a guaranteed follow-up when he’s not at 100%, then why does his lance give him additional speed?

I like the original effect better.

As for the build.

Eh, it can work. I personally wouldn’t do it simply because it reduces survivability too much, and with Guard effects becoming more and more common I’d rather not rely on a skill that takes away HP.

The rest looks okay to me.