Dimitri is a cavalier

YES, that’s right! He’s a worthless piece of trash, anything on a horse is useless.
So Dimitri is automaticly the worst unit in feh right now. Ugly piece of shit.

You know, I’m gonna cancel my preorder. If Dimitri already sucks this much, he’s gonna be terrible in 3H!

If only he was infantry, all the world would be right.

Oh and we got female Byleth. IS is most certainly screwing us over with this banner. This is basicly Hostile Springs all over again.

Damn this stupid useless game!

I cant tell if this is satire or not

though Dmitri is likely going to get a good minmaxed statline, imo. He’s gonna have VERY high attack, that much I can tell and high defense

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Proof that this whole rant isn’t serious.


Except him being a cavalier in Heroes has nothing to do 3H, so…

Bad joke is bad. :ok_hand:

Everything you say here is preaching to the choir

I suggest that we write IS a very angry letter about this banner!!!

I’ve no idea what to say here, but I’m commenting so I’m able to keep up with it later. Also F! Byleth is pretty fite me.

I think they get those practically every day, lmao.

I say we storm their HQ

Kill every last one of them

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I’ll get the feather and ink, you get the paper


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Why use ink when you can use the blood of your victims?

The Cavalry trash

You right, then I’ll just get the feather, but you still gotta get that paper

Why use paper when you can use the bodies of your victims?

The Cavalry trash

Ok, fine, I’ll get the feather, then we can mail our corpse with our blood-written note to IS headquarters

Make sure it’s a female. That way they know we’re serious.

Make it V!Titania, or Ursula.

Or Camilla :thinkinglikelukas:

We don’t have a cavalier Camilla.

Make it Lyn! :+1:

Sound good to me

“Dimitri is a cavalier“
I know, isn’t that great?

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It’s amazing

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