Dimitri or Soleil?

So… i asked myself a question: should i fodder Dimitri to Soleil for death blow 4 and lull atk/def? this might sound pretty stupid since most people will prolly say that Dimitri is waaaay better then soleil, but i need soleil for arena/AR score and am working on getting merges on her along with Reinhardt and Nino, so should i fodder Dimitri or not?

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You’re planning to +10 her or already have I take it?
Then I think it’s a good idea :feh_dimitrismug:

I coincidentally ran into a Lull Atk/Def Soleil in AR today and I got destroyed
not by the Soleil but the Thrasir who WoMed in afterward with the AoE

Go for it

Debatable, not to mention one’s a cavalier and the other is Infantry, and lancer vs sword.

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Well the question is: arena score and ar. my main 5* exclusive +10 goal is prolly nailah, since her notable skill set is pretty good and having her is a really damn nice tool against B!Veronica since the savage blows and stuff will get in the way. afterwards, maybe ill try null-c firesweep, but my firesweep skill set is aimed on an +ATK 5 merge soleil, so i guess getting death blow and lull will be nice

Honestly, +Spd is probably better on Soleil than +Atk


Well, as a character Dimitri > Soleil, however, as a unit +10 Soleil > +0 Dimitri

So sad you’re about to kill ma boi but I guess it’s for a greater good :catcry:

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Soleil could use death blow 4.

Especially if a merge project.

Okay i made up my mind… my heart hurts just thinking about killing Dimitri but… yes for the greater cause. Goodbye Dimitri hi new soleil!

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