Dimitri theory stats & stratagies

Now let’s see how Dimitri can make the most of what he is.
You can compare him to L!Ephraim. Dimitri can easily get team support but has to specificly pick his battles.
So how do you do that?

Savage blow and a healer. Savage blow should allow our good boy to keep everyone equal, remember that his weapon will basicly act as a QR too if it’s active.

Now, what special stuff can he do? The same as L!Ephraim does.

It’s really a no brainer. Dimitri has a 19 mt weapon and deathblow 4. The guy will hit hard, and I doubt his base atk is anything less than good. So Galeforce + Heavy Blade will allow him for reliable galeforce procs. It should activate every fight he initiates and gets countered in. A WoM mercy dancer will be welcome here, but even a cav team should allow for an overwhelming offence.
Preferbly I’d switch his A slot to a solo skill. Atk/Def is obvious, but a spd solo can also help if his base spd isn’t too low. Makes his enemy phase a lot more usable.
Hell he might make use out of Atk/Res Solo to avoid getting blown up when he attacks a dragon.

For his stats:
Vengance hits for 5 bonus, so his hp is likely 39-41. I’m guessing 40 for now (which is great)
In general I feel like he will have stats like L!Ephraim. Maybe accually a bit more speed, to prevent doubles. It may mean nothing, but the swordfighter in the trailer doesn’t double him.

Bst 157
Hp 40
Atk 36
Spd 30
Def 34
Res 17

I do think his atk and def won’t be much higher than this. The biggest question is if he drops spd or res. Res seems like the obvious choice, but we don’t know.
Could also be that he has like 25 spd and 22 res. It’s all speculation, but the 40-ish hp is almost sure and the atk is very likely high.


His HP is 40, that’s pretty much confirmed from the trailer.

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Would be cool if he had a Superboon in Atk.

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More damage

Even without it, He’ll likely be just a good damage dealer.

And easier to get than L!Ephraim.
Plus you can stack goads and wards on him no problem.

Ranulf has found another ally


I do hope that his Res isn’t that crapy, so he can also go against Dragons.

Crappy Res incoming

It’s either crap spd or crap res. I just hope they don’t half ass this and have both meh.

But res could really help avoid oneshots while spd would make him a better mixed phase unit.

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Desperation could actually work pretty well on him. Though you can’t really use Galeforce to its full effect if you do that.

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You’re right.

That could be a differend build. Use him in the enemy phase at high hp, and with desperation playerphase when low.

Though he couldn’t use galeforce, he’d work extremely well with a WoM dancer.

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Okay okay, how about good Spd AND a superboon in Spd?
That would be nice

Just give him 69 Spd. Problem solved

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He very well might.

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Well, it’s not unlikely he has 24-26 spd with the usualy spd superboon on it.

If he ends up with the 30 spd 17 res setup then watersweep could be a try on him.

For a galeforce build I think I like fury or push with savage blow. Just make sure that forced double goes off :)

I’d go with Fury then.

That would also keep him a bit safer from dragon oneshots, which will be one of his biggest enemies if he has crap res.

Ah, but atk/res push is on Brady at 4*

Though the issue with that is that it won’t activate on lower hp.
Fury will stay active.

In any case I’d keep a healer close by in case he quickly needs full hp.

The thing is wouldn’t a Brazen Skill be better for his A Slot?
If he Galeforces in a team with Savage Blow he likely needs to get hit to have Galeforce up, that could give him the perfect opportunity to use Brazens effectively, if I’m not mistaking.

Usually an issue with brazen is that he doesn’t have it in the first fight

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