Dimitri theory stats & stratagies

My mistake. For some reason I thought he had a slaying weapon. Must have confused him with Edelgard. Um…ok this is a problem then. Then probably heavy blade + QP in AR and atk/def solo + mystic boost in PvE?

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That’s for sure, but wouldn’t it be more effective?
Considering that Pushs and Stuff only help him more or less in the first fight, but not in the other ones, but Brazens don’t help in the first one, but in the rest of the fight?

Just a thought process of mine.

Push is also something I don’t like

What I’d say works best is fury or solo. Which solo depents on his statline.

Brazen atk/def could work as seal if you’re not running galeforce though.

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Yeah a Solo Skill might be the best answer to his A Slot.

Got a Lethe still… So I’m praying for a decent spd.

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