Dioscuri Ascension and Skills

Information from Appmedia and Kazemai. Will edit again once numbers come out.
Lv 90: HP 14824, ATK 11840
3rd highest HP out of Sabers, tied with Nero Bride. 6th highest ATK out of Sabers


  • QQAAB, A Noble Phantasm
  • Q-5, A-4, B-2, E-5 hitcounts
  • NP gain: 0.51


  • Magic Resistance A: Increase debuff resistance by 20%
  • Riding: Increase Quick Card performance by 8%
  • Mad Enhancement B-: Increase Buster Card performance by 7.5%, Rank B- doesn’t exist but I’m assuming based on Ranks B and C
  • Avenger B: Increase own NP gen rate when taking damage by 18%. Reduce party’s debuff resistance by 8% except self
  • Oblivion Correction C: Increase crit damage by 6%
  • Self Replenishment (Magic) D: Charge own NP gauge by 3% every turn
  • Double God Double Core?: Increase own damage by 225, increase own NP Gain/Star Gen by 5%, does have the symbol for the Divinity passive


  • 1: Generate 5%-10% NP Gauge when using Quick Cards (3 turns). Generates 5-10 Crit stars when using Arts Cards (3-Turns). 8-6 CD
  • 2: Teamwide 10%-15% NP damage buff (1 turn), 10%-15% ATK buff (1 turn), and debuff immunity (1 time, 3 turns). 7-5 CD
  • 3: Increase own Quick/Arts performance by 10%-20% (3 turns), Grants self evasion (1 turn). 8-6 CD


  • 8 Hits
  • Grants self Ignore Invincibility
  • Ignores defense
  • Applies Quick/Arts card resistance debuff (10% -30%) scaling with overcharge
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0.51% per hit seems little, but 4 hits on 2 Arts cards, 5 on Extra and Quick, complete with Riding and Self Replenishment. Seems a little too good to be true, imo.

Based on some footage it look like that first skill at max rank give 10%NP gauge when using Quick Cards and 10 Crit Stars when using Arts Cards. Dioscuri’s np gain is crazy good like what the hell

That last mysterious passive also gives an NP gain buff too cause they obviously need it


And if I read it correctly, " 恒常サーヴァント" means that Dioscuri is non-limited.

With Google Translate being what it is, I double checked by searching the word itself, and I got a whole list of Servants who fall under the 恒常サーヴァント category as well

The very first new non-limited non-story-locked 5* Saber since… what, Mordred?

I’m too scared to do the exact math behind their np gain because I can already tell that’s its really good and I am going to get irrationally angry at how unnecessarily good it is.

Credits to xNaya. Just the first 30 seconds will show you how good Dioscuri’s NP gain is.

I bet Yuuma-chan had a great time having Maaya-chan call him Nii-sama.

At just level 1 it gives 5 stars.

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this my friend is what u call

permnant ssr btw
not even story locked

Not sure if they are correct, but the FGO wiki has the numbers out.

Passive skills

Stars of the Chief God A

Guardians of Navigation B

Mana Burst (Light/Ancient) A

Dioscures Tyndaridae


Soungs like a pretty strong Saber

If you have subscribed to ka ga’s channel on yt, you would see that he uploaded a new video on Dioscuri. The loop potential is definitely there, even if it WAS a solo.

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I know that is a mostrously good just reading this,but now thanks to you i know that is even more broken,nice

Basically my mood right now lol.

The only justification I can think of is because Bride exists. Bride has above-average base NP gain (actually higher than her parameters should give according to DW’s little formula), and on top of that she has 3T NP gain buff and 30% battery. So they give Dioscuri all these fancy gimmicks on top of her unusually good NP gain.

Oh well, if only DW gives this kind of thought when designing other some other ST Arts servants.

Overall, just as a damage-dealer I still consider Bride a step above but Dioscuri is very competitive.

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They pack a 1.581 combined damage mod at base that can pushed further to 1.85. Not so bad.
Very good internals considering their deck and +6% passive NP charge per turn and their 1st and 3rd skills: their buster card is really his only dead card => Easy looping is pretty much sure.
Pierce Invuln + Def ignore mean that you won’t have to bring a dedicated flex for dealing with the most common gimmick in CQ.
IMO, the only thing that hampers them is their lack of on demand battery that prevent them from initiating their NP loop turn 1 with BG + double Tamamo comps.

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All I can say is this guy needs to chill with the passives lol

Seems like the balance they are going for all their steroids aren’t that big with the biggest one being 20% (minus higher np overcharge on the resist downs) feels like the idea is they know people are gonna loop with em so they let the debuffs ramp up each consecutive np for the 3rd one is when you use the second skill

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Once their data is added to the Command Chain Calculator, I’ll really need to play around and see how their first skill interacts with their np gain and star gen. I’m also curious to see how they would interact with Skadi.

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Okay, when I first saw them I thought they were a 4 star with cool animations I could potentially get easily, but apparently they’re a 5 star that’s crazy powerful. Well, at least not story-locked so perhaps.

I could understand Caenis being sort of a Lancer/Berserker passive-wise since we already have Saber Gilles, but Dioscuri is a Saber/Berserker/Avenger as far as passives go? Would it really hurt them to make multiple servant versions rather than lumping three classes together?

I see they don’t mind buffing Voyager of the Storm, and don’t have it cancelling out the Rider passive, so clearly they need to go back and add the rider passive to Blackbeard and Drake.

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It’s because of the way they’d function in a typical grail war. Although they’re technically one servant, they individually have different classes: Castor with Avenger and Pollux with Saber.

Gosh dammit! I keep misreading the threat topic as “Daishouri” and always wonder “What the heck did Okita do now?”

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