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Hi everyone, another episode of resource-providing. This time I’ve decided I want to make a list of stuff that I think is worth noting as reference materials or as stuff that people can refer back to. For example, over the past few weeks we’ve had a handful of questions about building merged Nowi so I thought I would just make some way people could refer back to a relatively detailed write that I did some time ago.

Do note that some of the information may be out of date, but for anyone who’s starting to look into a topic, the information is probably helpful, and I think we can reduce a little bit the number of threads (ex: which ask about stuff like bold fighter vs Great Flame). Also, some threads are listed in multiple sections because they are probably relevant to people with different questions.

Suggestions for additions are welcome, and I will add more subcategories as this post expands.

If you're new to the game

(Last updated: 5 Sept 2019)
Welcome to the game.

  • You might want to read this post I wrote on what to do in the game itself. How to start out In retrospect it’s a bit overdetailed, for which I apologize. And some of the information is out of date (ex: CYL1 free pick with B.Lyn and B.Ike is no longer available, I don’t mention the free 5*s from Heroes’ Path or CYL3 free pick, etc.) but the bulk of the information is still applicable (maybe timeless, in fact), and I made a simplification if you skip about 50 posts down.
  • There are a number of other “new player here” threads that you can check out by using the search function.
  • I suggest reading the game mechanics section of this directory and making yourself aware of what’s in the “external resources” section. After these you can go to the “info for summoning” section, but I don’t suggest starting there; it’s not written for beginners. When starting out, better to make a thread and get fresh answers from players here. The rest of the directory you can look through bit by bit later.
  • f2p-friendly units, and then I coach the OP on unit building: What are some good, basic F2P units to build?
If you've played very casually for a while and are looking to play a bit more seriously

This section of the directory is relatively new. In general I think you could begin by reading some of the other sections to improve your understanding of what’s strong, how to navigate the meta, and how to use your resources well. Make note that AR is generally considered the most difficult mode in the game, such that developing proficiency in it may require some time.

  • Three lists: units to keep one copy of, some units good at low merges, and some units good in assault modes Casual Player, Looking to be More Competitive posted Aug 25, 2019, it functions similarly to an abbreviated tier list that puts a lot of emphasis on required investment (ex: all units in the last two lists are available at 4*; some units in the assault mode list are functional at 4*+0)
  • seals to upgrade for arena and AR (dated Sept 15, 2019 and will go slightly out of date somewhat quickly) My AR defense is terrible
  • f2p-friendly units (followed by some coaching on unit building) What are some good, basic F2P units to build?
Commonly used external resources such as simulators
On game mechanics - covers some FAQs
FAQs that aren't about rules of the game
Info for summoning
AR strategy*
Unit guides*
Other matters of strategy
about 4*+10

See also the links in the posts that af1899 has posted below

*More susceptible to obsoletion than other material. These guides are written according to units, skills, and seals that exist at the time of writing.

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Wiki as of Dec 20, 2019.


This should prove very useful to the community. Good post to pin.


There’s so much good stuff on here. Thanks for the shout-out, and for compiling everything into one post!

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Just reread a lot of these
Very useful. :hridexcited:
Thanks, @Seeker!


REvival, but the topic is pinned so :feh_thinkinglikelukas:.

I was thinking of placing a list of my reviews for anyone’s convenience, reason is that if there’s info you’d like to check about a unit or a feature feel free to visit any of my reviews, hoping they help y’all!:

Banner reviews

:bulb: All links will take you to the review itself on the same tab
:bulb: Click/tap the triangle to view the lists

New Heroes banner reviews

Special Heroes banner reviews

Legendary Hero reviews

Mythic Hero reviews

Feh Channel reviews

Mini reviews

This post is subject to edition for each time a review is released

@af1899 reviews Altina --- Mythic Hero of Nov/2019 :feh_birbpeek:
@af1899 reviews [Heir of Light] banner --- first New Heroes of Jan/2020! :crossed_swords:
@af1899 reviews [Journey Begins] --- New Heroes of Apr/2020!
Should I try for any of the new units?
@af1899 reviews [Glorious Gifts] --- Special Heroes from Dec/2019! :snowflake:
@af1899 reviews [Bridal Beloveds] --- Special Heroes of May/2020! :bouquet:
@system defied
@af1899 reviews [Dark Burdens] --- New Heroes of May/2020! :feh_juliamad:
@af1899 reviews Edelgard --- Legendary Hero of Apr/2020! :feh_edelsmug:
@af1899 reviews L!Celica --- Legendary Hero of Dec/2019 :fire:
@af1899 reviews [Peony and More] New Heroes banner!
@af1899 reviews [The Start Of It All] --- Special Heroes of Apr/2020! :child:t2:
@af1899 reviews [Feh Channel] of Apr/2020 :fehbirb:
@af1899 reviews Bramimond --- Mythic Hero of Mar/2020! :black_circle:
Libra's March Catch!
@af1899 reviews [Familial Festivities] --- Special Heroes of Mar/2020! :feh_excidunn:
When does Sothis reappear?
@af1899 reviews [Harmony amid Chaos] --- New Heroes of Mar/2020! :houses:
@af1899 reviews L!Chrom --- Legendary Hero of Feb/2020! :crown:
@af1899 reviews [The Dread Isle] --- New Heroes of Feb/2020! :desert_island:
@af1899 reviews [Lovely Gifts] --- Special Heroes of Feb/2020! :sparkling_heart:
@af1899 reviews the Feh Channel of Feb/2020! :fehbirb:
@af1899 reviews Líf --- Mythic Hero of Jan/2020! :skull:
Irl interests
@af1899's third feedback round for reviews
@af1899 does a mini review for Sigurd+Deirdre! :people_holding_hands:
@af1899 does a mini review for Brigid! :bow_and_arrow:
@af1899 reviews the [Feh Channel] of Jun/2020! :fehbirb:
@af1899 reviews [A Star Is Born] --- second New Heroes banner of Jan/2020! :microphone:
@af1899 review [Book IV Midpoint] --- New Heroes of Jun/2020! :books:
@af1899 reviews Mila --- Mythic Hero of May/2020! :ferris_wheel:
@af1899 reviews [Renewed Spirit] Special Heroes of Jan/2020! :fireworks:
@af1899 reviews L!Celica --- Legendary Hero of Dec/2019 :fire:

Noice :ok_hand: I was actually wondering last night if there was a place where people could find links to all your reviews and now there is!


Forgot to do this earlier. @Someone_Person suggested I make this a wiki. I’ve changed my own stance a bit, and with him getting the defender badge I’ve decided to make it a wiki. This thread is in the hands of the community.