Disappointed in no article

I’m disappointed we didn’t get a gacha recommendation article like FGO did last month, the anniversary was quite generous and there was an amazing catch-up campaign. I saw someone come back to the game with a new account and get to a nearly HDT point of progress in a few days because of the build time reduction. The general opinion of the current event seems quite high (except for the rare raid boosts). It would have been the perfect time to make an article recommending the game to new players.
The free tenfolds are apparently extended for a week for new accounts, but anyone recommended the game at this point will have missed basically everything.

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They did 2 weeks ago. Basically very much near the start of the event.

Link: https://gamepress.gg/good-time-gacha-dragalia-lost-1-year-anniversary

Oh, huh. I guess they only did the one announcement.
I did go through the articles looking for more, I guess I just didn’t find it.