Disappointment and motivation gone

Today my disappointment was immeasurable and my day was ruined. Today just after having lunch I thought about starting streaming the fgo game, after some research I already had all the programs that I need to start streaming. Turns out this ■■■■■■■ game doesn’t work with the debug USB enabled and the quality of wireless app is pretty shit and the solution to that was using a capture card and it seems like the one that works the best is el gato HD and that shit is expensive as ■■■■ guys. Then I thought of streaming other gacha games but it turns out that I have a problem with my laptop or something because in streamlab or obs I kept getting the black screen after trying everything they said might be the solution. So today my motivation was shattered and gone.

Gotta say that I haven’t had that much motivation I was like a 9 year old in the morning of Christmas also does anyone knows why the game can’t be played with debug usb


The FGO devs used to be very aggressive against Android rooters and emulators, going so far as refusing to run with USB debug mode enabled. I believe the reason is because USB debug allows people to analyse how FGO detected root and circumvent that.

I don’t know much about streaming but an alternative is to play FGO on an Android emulator on a computer and stream from there.