**Discussion** Axe Calvary Gawain/Greil idea

My stats and stuff

Weapon: Urvan

Special: Aether

A:Nothing(Fodder off a Steady/Warding Stance or hector if you want a enemy phase)

! B:Quick Riposte 4(Follow up is hp is greater or equals to 40%)

C: Odd or even attack wave

Hp: 41
Atk:40 super boon
Def: 35
Res: 35
Total: 164(165 super boon) because gen 3

What do you guys think? With Urvan I was think of a Sigurd like character but axe because we have too much swords

if only… if only cavs got the generational BST boost :sob:

QR actually contradicts Urvan’s effect vs opponents he can counterattack against, unless they’re Lewyn, Mareeta, Summer Laejgarn or have Desperation active. :upside_down_face:
He’d be like sigurd, but a bit worse because he’d likely die to mages with triangle advantage.

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But isn’t that how Fallen Berkut works? He tanks a hit and two shots them back but with Gawain he tanks two physical and kills them back or DC mage and the next attack on player phase he hits back with Aether

Yes, but in this scenario, Urvan is simply an odd, but not outright useless weapon. Sigurd has Divine Tyrfing to round him out, with the 50%, then 80% damage. This unit just fares worse vs. mages overall because of taking full damage on the first strike. For example, Sigurd can tank Reinhardt. Also, although his res is high, I’d love to see those stats allocated towards the other stats like defense because as he takes reduced damage by a flat %, which causes for extra stats in Res to have diminishing returns.

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but likely you are, but I’m just saying it for the sake of saying it in case. Urvan is, yes a Deflect All skill. However, it requires for you to take two consecutive attacks, so it’s difficult to proc vs melee attackers and if you have DC, then difficult to proc vs ranged attackers.