Discussion (for JP players) : Where does Merlin Fit in from LB5 and beyond?

I wanted to ask opinions from F2p / Whaling players alike.

In terms of gameplay mechanics, with the specific focus on :

  1. Enabling gameplay (Stall comp or drawn out boss battles) / Campaign + Event design
  2. Trivializing encounters (One shotting a bar / boss aka buster meme)
  3. Universal usefulness (will the release of servants and their core design be complemented by Merlin’s kit?)

I ask this because while I only see castoria / skadi memes on youtube / guides and such, I realize that those videos and posts are for players with mature accounts and specific CEs / servant setup.

For those of us who can probably have a maybe 1 SSR dps servant and a few welfare SR servants that are highly rated, would Merlin continue to be relevant with above three considerations in mind?

Any feedback on this would be appreciated.

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He’s worst than Castoria at stall. If you exclude Himiko stall comps than Merlin/Castoria stall is second or third behind Castoria/Tamamo.

Merlin definitely doesn’t trivialize fights compared to Castoria/Skadi. He’ll win, but it’ll take longer.

Most welfares that come out now are quick/arts so Merlin doesn’t really sync with them compared to Castoria/Skadi.

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Merlin is a boomer, man is showing his age. Quick is better for farming (since now voy and caren are setting the precedent for 50% starting charge ce loopers), and for cq, since memlin’s crit buff is 1t, so quick dps like kama can outdps top buster units effortlessly over the span of the 3 turns needed. Arts shits on buster as a whole, since tama, yk, the gen pool 5* arts support, unlike nightingale, is actually undeniably top tier, so dcs + tama + arts dps w/ a black grail might just be the 2nd most broken team aside from the himiko - merlin -castoria comps that @C-luck_dragon mentioned.

There were jokes at one point about appmedia judging card types in a vacuum post 5th anni, else every arts aoe would be A or higher, and there would be like 3 buster units in s tier: jp artoria, gil, AA. Why? because appmedia considers you have everything np 5 and mlb ces, so arts would stomp if you want optimization. :stuck_out_tongue: That’s about it from me, at least

But who cares meta? You like merlin, roll. Castoria comes out in over a year, so don’t gimp yourself waiting for the distant future. Himiko also helps curb the damage dropoff of hero creation anyway.

Sidenote: Even though I rag on him, he is still top 5 units in the game. But when you compare him to the top arts and quick support, in their desirable comps, he comes up short.


well the reason we don’t see Merlin so much on Jp stuff might be due to the amount of new broken supports that we just got like Himiko and of course Castoria

he still top tier and a game shark, but newer units tends to be more hyped cause well, they’re new and even aside from that they’re as useful as him

as for stalling let’s say that Castoria/Tamamo didn’t kill Merlin as a memer, but once these two starts rolling the ball it gets pretty ridiculous… while the old mage may just take a little longer

so if you have Merlin he will be as useful as NA, there’s no doubt about that. And like they said above he’s still a top 5 support in the game for sure, it’s just that new servants came out with more specific roles (see Douman) that might be more convenient (depending on the situation and if you have them, that is)

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Himiko, yes, castoria, ofc, douman, nah. His buffs are pretty niche to chaotic evil, and even with those buffs, he still isn’t as good tho :P

Merlin is still useful, but definitely passed his golden age. JP is pretty much Castoria Art meme now, so Merlin signature Buster buff ain’t as useful as it was. In term of stall Merlin could still work due to his NP help Himiko/Castoria get their NP out easier but aside from his on demand AoE invul and 20% charge there isn’t much to be said. Castoria simply does way better at protecting the team because she have 2 invuls (one targetable and another one on her NP) and spam her NP every turn unlike Merlin’s invul being tied down by CD.

oh you made me realise, I did the example wrong, I meant to put Douman along with the new servants that serve for specific roles and niches lmao

but yeah he isn’t a pure support, he can be even dps but falls into the niche category unlike the others


Merlin RUQ when?


You joke but they basically hand them out on the Whim of whoever the hell the they feel like giving one too.

What I want is a Rank up to the game.mechanics themselves but thats even rarer than the 3 times a year they decide to buff 5 people.


Imagine they gave his s3 a battery or something equally nuts


30% battery to complete the 50% :feh_reinyes:


BG meming with merlin?

Yes please :fgo_buster:




I’d be for it unironically.


I borrow one a lot for stall teams. Himiko-Merlin-Castoria is a great stall team comp, and I use it fairly frequently for fights I can’t win with other servants.

EDIT: Also, I’ve used Waver + Merlin to buff Buster servants. I don’t have my own Merlin, so I don’t know how good double Merlin is (I’m assuming it’s much better), but Waver + Merlin team comps are really great at buffing Buster servants.


I mean if were talking about story fights and cq i dont know why he would be bad since he litteraly got designed for that, i’m using him on jp occasionally when i’m using a buster servant and it’s still broken af, castoria is godtier in the most proeminent aspect of the game but if we’re talking about the non farming fights she and merlin are on par (with merlin enabling more damage on face cards and create stars when castoria doesnt have any tools to do so) so i dont see him ever falling off in that regard :fgo_nobutea:

I prefer Waver/Merlin over double Merlin in my Musashi Team. Mostly because Waver can get Musashi to 100% NP (with Aerial Drive) on turn one, while also getting Merlin to 100% (with MLB Devilish Bodhisattva) and then swap out for BBikini. You don’t need to stack Garden of Avalon when just one is producing 25 stars/turn.

I guess double Merlin would be better for one big hit, but in the era of break bars, that doesn’t happen often. Usually it’s NP to break first bar turn one, buster crit to break bar 2 on turn two, and then another NP to break bar 3, or kill, on turn 3. If you get bad RNG, it may take up to 5 turns, but that’s usually how it goes.


I honestly like the gameplay of double Merlin, even if he isn’t the most optimal strategy.
If you have the the opportunity to get Merlin, you should get him.


Same. Whatever the meta is, nothing comes close in terms of satisfaction. Big crits for life, even if they are not necessary

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So true! Massive crits for multiple times the boss’s max HP is so satisfying!

That’s why my Musashi team is named: