Discussion: is it possible that your team determines who you face?

I’m a level 8. I was running a super solid team. Venusaur (best moveset) Gyarados (best moveset) and Granbull (kills Giratina). I never ran into registeel and Giratina was very rare. I won a majority of the time. here’s the thing though. I stopped running my non-legendary team and added Machamp and Dialiaga. Now every single dang fight has a legendary or a mythical. I didn’t go up in level. Adding that stupid steel dragon guarrantees a Regi or a Giratina. What the hell!

I’m carefully skeptical of the claim. But I won’t rule it out. If any inkling of it is true though, that ruins the integrity of the matches.


100% no. I don’t have a legendary on my team and I’ve seen Cresselia, Regice, a couple Giratina, Lugia, and Registeel. I’m Rank 9. And yes, every legendary had a 2nd charge move.

I feel that this is more of a correlation/causation issue. There are several factors that affect who you match against in GBL; time and rating being the key two, but I highly doubt your or your opponent’s team composition is one of them, otherwise this would be a much more widely reported phenomenon

I certainly agree about the time issue: I suspect that there are hard core players who do their allowed matches, and want more, so they walk some, and when midnight comes in their time zone, they are on and battling. So, this would imply that you could avoid competing with them by playing when it’s midnight over an ocean or unpopulated area.

More practical is to keep track of what times you are successful, and try to battle more during those times.

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Absolutely. Time is a factor in any multiplayer game when it comes to who you can be randomly matched with, the main drawback with PoGo’s matchmaking is that it could well be global for all we know so exact time considerations are difficult to make. However, when I was still trying to win in Great League matches, I definitely noticed that I had an easier time winning when I was on my break from work (about 4:30 UK time, so a lot more kids were likely on and playing), and I sure as hell capitalised on that while I cared enough to

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Unlikely. It’s just RNG, man. Just RNG.

Somtimes it works in your favour - you start with a Bug/Bug Scizor, and run into a Weavile with Dark, a Venusaur with Poison and a Shrifty. Sometimes you run into Giratina/Dialga/Didn’t Get Farther 'Cuz Ouch.

It’s just RNG.

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Not running any legendaries or mythicals here, and I face down Giratinas and Registeels all day long.

Well, that’s your fault for not having Night Slash. Scizor resists Dragon Claw, but gets abused like everyone else (except the normals) by Shadow Claw.

I’ve been running an anti-Giratina team for some time now, Alolan Muk, Clefable, Snorlax. Some sets of 5 battle fights I get 4 teams running Giratina, some sets I get 1. That part is just small sample size. Look at opponents over 100 fights on the same day, and you’ll get more consistent numbers.

Of course, people are dumb, too. One guy led with Venusaur against my A-Muk, so I wasn’t surprised when he swapped out. I was surprised when he swapped in Giratina. I think Clefable spent that whole fight on the bench, not needed at all (which is probably good because Clefable doesn’t do great against Venusaur).

Eh. I’m still not sold enough on PvP to spend 75k stardust on unlocking a second move for Scizor. Not even sure I want to use a CTM on one, just in case I run into a weak to Dark opponent that isn’t also weak to Bug.

And hey, sometimes you’re just going to lose. Full stop, nothing you can do about it. I run Night Slash, then I run into the one guy (Hi Dave) who runs a full-Fire Typhlosion and get utterly smoked. Or I run back into that guy who’s still running Weavile/Shiftry/Poison Venusaur, and instead of smoking that guy again, I get wrecked because I’m using Dark and two of them resist it.

Them’s the breaks.

Then consider starters with CD moves, or the pokemon that only cost 10k dust to 3move.

Swampert with Mud Shot/Hydro Cannon/(Earthquake or Sludge Bomb) is a terror in any league.
Venusaur does a lot of good work in GL and UL with Frenzy Plant and Sludge Bomb.
Blastoise is very tanky, and Hydro Cannon and Ice Beam work well against most stuff, and Dragons.
Charizard has been very popular lately, in part because a lot of people are using Venusaur, and in part because Blast Burn and Dragon Claw is a great combination.

And yes, you can’t win them all. I’m using an anti-Giratina team now, so when I don’t face Giratina, it’s a lot tougher. I don’t have good answers for Charizard (Snorlax does all right vs. Typhlosion because he doubly resists Shadow Claw), and if Alolan Muk is out before Venusaur comes in, I’m in trouble. But on good days I win a lot more than I lose.

Having that second charged move is often the difference between winning and losing. I’ve been in a few battles where it has come down to Giratina vs. Giratina, and my having Dragon Claw and Ancient Power lets me beat the guy who just has Ancient Power (no stab, no weakness to it).

emphasized textIf matchmaking at all takes into effect types and squad, they at least try and make it even. For every weakness there’s a counter player usually. But not all the times. There are times I bring my squad that’s a power house with only one weakness… water, the most common. But depending on which water mon it is I can win it. (Swampert) But I don’t carry a grass dude. So there’s been times I’ve lost 5 in a row due to this. Against one weakness (Empoleon) but then next thing I know I won 5 in a row against the usual suspects. I guess what I’m saying is if they try and match make according to mons brought in, they try and balance. But I can testify I see a legendary on almost every single Ultra match and I bring none ever. I can’t wait for great league to start back up. Forget preparing for Master im Focusing on bringing my A game can’t lose squads to great.

Gonna play devil’s advocate to keep the conspiracy theory thread alive. :smiling_imp:

How do you know every opponent is a real Trainer?

Are there really many people out there rocking the full Pikachu Libre outfit?
Are there really that many players trying to battle at any time of day at all, even graveyard hours?


Going with you and play the devil’s…

Do not forget PoGo is a global game so what are your evning hours are another man 's morning hours…