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The two most salient points I notice immediately are that GC seems to be on hiatus (which makes sense given that Roekkr Sieges seems to have a similar stamina system) and we’re getting an extra round of seasonals before another batch of permanent pool units. Pay attention to new skills on these seasonals because a lot of stuff makes its debut on seasonal units. I interpret it as IS trying to test it out while making it relatively inaccessible in case players start showing them why it’s too broken.

Ignis banner is probably going to be M.Grima, F.Tiki, and B.Hector. Otherwise we’re getting into units that appear at 3*-4* and I think they’re going to avoid that now that they’ve reduced the availability of 5* exclusives from book 1; they probably want to reserve focus spots for 5* exclusives because any focus unit that isn’t 5* exclusive takes a spot that could be a 5* exclusive, and even if that 5* exclusive isn’t from book 1, that’s one spot the same unit might occupy which could be an opportunity to offer a 5* exclusive from book 1.

Chills have tons of candidates but I’m expecting Tibarn to reappear because they’re really squeezed for red spots on 8% banners. Full list of candidates:
Chill atk: Tibarn, Laegjarn, Ranulf
Chill spd: Ylgr, Kliff, F.Celica, YT Olivia
Chill def: E.Chrom, Sue
Chill res: Ophelia

Other thoughts, more on the personal side:

  • Marth and Caeda BHB? Sounds romantic. Me gusta
  • BHB rerun of a unit from the first batch of beasts ever to join our game. Has it really been that long? wow
  • a bit sad that GC is getting skipped. My favourite mode, competing with AR. But I’m probably OK with it if RS turns out to be good. 5 days until we find out

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