Distant Ward: What units would even want it?

Now if only Beast Cav’s transformed effect worked on EP and OG.Selkies base effect once refined worked against all foes instead of just Melee foes


This is my only unit I use Distant Ward for.
This chicken is primarily a staff/mage check and buff provider.

The build aims to further improve her okayish Res.


That’s exactly why I also use this skill on Leanne. I think she’s the only person I use it on, actually.

Gotta give her A/D Near Trace and A/D Rein, though. Maybe Menace, not sure yet. Probably Rein.


Short list of units that would like it over basic DC due to bad Def and great Res (of units I have at least)

Both Selkie’s (tho og’s weapon doesn’t work well with it, and Beast Cav effect is PP only)
Peri (tho her Def can be decent)

Honestly DW is so bad since theirs very few units with worse Def over Res for melee units


At least it’s not Close Ward.


Indeed, only person I can think who’d even make use of it would be Deirdre.

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I mean, the unit it comes from is good with it.

Ronan could use it well with 42 Res

H.Sophia for a good F2P option with 42 Res and a weapon that grants/inflict 5 Atk while also having built in Guard

Ilyana with 40 Res

Ashera with 40 Res

Reiv for another good F2P option with 40 Res

Guinivere could also use it very well just like Deirdre since while Deirdre has eff against Dragons Guinivere has Mage Eff

Honestly CW has way more options for units than DW does


So when their Def is good use DW to supplement their Res

Sure her effective 41(42 if I maxed DF) res is showing age now it was really decent for a while and the same idea can be utilized by plenty of units.

Such as like this:


It mainly depends on how “you” want to build the unit, sure you can always use DW on a unit with low Res to help them out if you have a build to help boost it more. I’m not going to tell anyone how to actually use a unit since I like using my own builds over what someone else tells me too use so some of my units have odd builds, and some have typical builds for who they are. Because I mean take my Oboro for instance

Most people don’t heavily invest into both her Spd and Res but I did, on top of that besides me I haven’t seen a single person run double Lull on anyone (aka Lance+Lull) but yet here I am

Or another one my HF.Grima

Dropping the built in DC + 30% Hp heal on Special Proc for Lull Solo A/R 5 so that she inflicts -15 Atk/Res onto the foe and gets that 40% DR on anything that has a 5 more Res than her during combat (aka that’s including if the foe has any incombat Res buffing as long as they don’t reach 6 more Res than what HF.Grima has she gets 40%)

Another one that’s odd for the unit that I run is my OG.Selkie

With everything fully active against a melee unit she’s reaching an effect 58 Def on PP


Oh I wasn’t telling anyone how to build, just saying (and you of all people are already well aware of this tactic) that skills have plenty of uses beyond the obvious (in this case the low Def, high Res melee units).


Why didnt you gave Oboro lull atk/spd so she can debuff the foe spd and make her faster?


Oh I know you weren’t. Just that most people just tend to focus on a units stronger stats which is why I said that melee units with low Def high Res uses DW well (but the problem with that is the lack of units that actually fit that role in the first place). It’s why CW is honestly a better skill than DW because I mean let’s look at the top highest Res units for both skills



Nearly every high Res melee unit also has nearly just as much Def making basic DC the far better skill. But nearly every high Res ranged unit has terrible to mid tier Def making CW better than CC (tho CR could make up for that but then Dragon’s will target their Def)


Assuming I haven’t

Mainly just because I haven’t had the fodder to really do so until recently

So I mean I could if I wanted too, but I’d want to snag the Tier 3 version of another skill at the same time which I don’t have the fodder to do so for Sirius or Percival


I understand I also have the Perceval manual and I havent foddered him due to skill economy, I also want either the rouse or the solo skill, the one they demote first on a unit I dont care.


I could promote my 4* S.Ogma so I can grab the Tridant+ with Solo Atk/Spd 2 then grab Solo Atk/Spd 3 with Lull Atk/Spd 1-3 from Sirius tho so again not like I couldn’t give it to her


You forgot 1 thing.

Dragons does adaptive damage against ranged foes, so even if you have high RES it’s fucking useless if your DEF is really low.

Oh and the sparsity of dragons doesn’t help.

Close Ward disables adaptive damage against magic/staff/dragons
Likely because, as you said, it would be fucking useless without Mystic Boost otherwise


As Ladyluna said, D/CW negates Adaptive damage

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Distant Ward does not disable adaptive damage

Although in that case it’s not so bad because dragons don’t get adaptive damage against melee units

And most of what does do adaptive damage at that point are physical weapons. Disabling it would only be useful against NY Reginn


Oh right, Close Ward actually has that.

… Not that there are any common player phase dragons that are particularly problematic. The most common ones being Nifl and Muspell, and even then melees are mostly better due to their inherently higher BST.