Distinct Spells?

Hi All, have an achievement to cast 20 distinct spells, unsure how to complete this as I’ve been playing solidly the past week & counter is still sitting at the same (13).

Anyone have an idea what a distinct spell actually is & how to do it?

Thank You


Hi Benny! I have some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that you haven’t done anything wrong, or failed to do something!

The bad news is that’s because it’s completely out of your control.

Distinct Spells and the distinct Spells achievement are based on the different Spells the game makes you cast. You know how you can’t choose what spell you cast in a Foundable encounter or in combat? It’s that - it’s predetermined based on what confoundable/enemy you run into. So every time you find an enemy that makes you cast a different spell (ebublio, arresto momentum, meteolojinx recanto, etc etc etc) that counter goes up by 1. You’ve probably cast all of the ‘regular’ spells, ie spells that you’re likely to run into often. Now it’s just a question of waiting until you find rare confoundable encounters that require specific spells. I know Dementors are relatively rare, and as far as I know that’s the only encounter that uses Expecto Patronum.

Hope this helps!


Ahhhh I see makes sense! Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

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I tried to find out what the 20 distinct spells were but could only find 15 of them at https://wizardsunite.gamepress.gg/reference/spells-list. Has anyone seen any other spells that are not listed on this webpage?

This is extremely odd, my count has not changed at all yet I’ve casted every spell possible whether good, great or masterful, do I have a glitch & should I report it? Also appear to have an issue with my sos assignments as I have not found either of the mysteries since the game was fully released yet I’ve been playing since beta in Australia…

I have not (level 27 here) and I don’t think there are more than 13 currently possible (though granted I have not seen every rare foundable). It’s also impossible to find more than 45 mystery items or complete any class lesson plan at this time. The game will undoubtedly expand as time goes on, adding new spells and mysteries to the current set.

I found the redacted report item but waiting on the London 5 item. They seem to appear randomly along normal foundables but I hear there is a greater chance with tougher foundables

Extremely painful, seems to be nothing I can do & the last thing I’m doing is starting all over again… :frowning:

The London 5 report will eventually pop up - just keep playing! It came up when I beat a trace.