Dive to Blue CE best drop rate?

What’s the best node to farm the Dive to Blue CE? I only have the 4 copies from the shop but the last one won’t drop :(

40 AP nodes at 2%, decreasing by IIRC .4% each time you go down a level. This likewise goes for the SSR CE drop rates for every event.

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Just pick a 40 AP node that’s easiest for you to farm and start using apples. Gold nodes might be the best since you can exchange it for QP in the event shop.

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Thank you. I was already farming 40 AP nodes but I guess it’s not enough

It’s all luck. My alt still doesn’t have one after playing actively since the start.

If it’s any consolation it’s not the end of the world if you do miss it. Aerial Drive (Halloween 3 rerun), Painting Summer (literally in a few days), Beautiful Dreamer (next V-Day), Tenkihime (Summer 4), and more are all free and the first two are guaranteed MLB. Only PS is split stat of those mentioned, but it’s still superior for their shared purpose. Still, hope you get it!

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Broken record here, but considering that the CE isn’t that good, and that the event is almost over, it’s objectively not worth it to apple if it’s just for the CE.

If you need to apple for completion anyway, that’s fine, but blowing apples if the only thing you want is the CE isn’t a great idea.