Dive To Blue

Hi where are places i can farm for dive to blue ive been repeating a cheer quest for 3 hours now and still dont have one. Im getting quite desperate so i asked here

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It can drop on any quest from Part 2. The maximum chance is 2%, from the 40 AP quests. Note that these numbers likewise apply to any other SSR CE you can get from running events.

I would suggest against appling when we still have several days left. You might not need them.

Further, we have multiple upcoming 50% CE: Painting Summer (in a few weeks), Aerial Drive (this Halloween, no need to fish for fifth copy), His Rightful Place (Zero Order rerun). Notably, AD is pure ATK and at L100 can be a functional stand-in for a L100 DTB for pure offensive purposes.

And then we have two more nex year: Beautiful Dreamer (V-Day, pure ATK, but need to get lucky), Heavenly Demonic Princess (Summer 4, pure ATK, unfortunately also need to get lucky).

It is useful, but you will be able to get by without it if you do not luck out.


Welcome to FGO farming hell.
The CE drops are very rare.
Just play the event quests, each map has a chance to drop it.
Even if i think that chance slowly increase with difficulty. Or in other words, better odds if you play level 90 maps.

Anyway, it’s rare. You can get it or not, it all depends on Fate. There is not a procedure to do that grant you the CE.

The more maps you clear, the higher the chance to get it.

Yeah it’s super annoying. Dive to blue is my number 1 target event ce for this year as I need it for my Hokusai and I haven’t had a single drop yet even after burning through several apples.

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I have a MLB from last year, but wanted now to get another copy.
But since i cant afford to eat apples, i’m probably going to miss it.

I can understand japan game farming, that is known to be grindy. Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow comes to my mind.

But in usual games it comes with no limitations of runs.
Here instead you have the AP that limit the number of runs you can do.

It lead to a situation in which you need to get lucky or you must us apples or sqz to refill your AP.

Or simply give up.

Yes and no, IMHO. It’s not just the 50% battery (if it was, Dragon’s Meridian would be good enough)–it’s the secondary effects. E.g., Painting Summer and Dive to Blue have the same Arts up (10% at MLB), but the former has +10% NP Gain, and the latter +10% NP strength. If you’re trying to loop, the gain might be better, but if you are just doing a one-and-done NP in a min-turn strategy, the damage buff is. And AD is probably wasted on most Arts NPs, giving just the 10% NP buff, which is probably not made up by the pure ATK.

It’s a shame that most of the hybrid CEs are limited to events, because once the rerun is past, they are gone. On the other hand, the only reason I have MLBs of these is because they make it possible to MLB them without the gacha, so I guess it’s a two-way street. But it’s hard on players who haven’t been around since day 1.

So, the OP will have to just cross their fingers. I’ve had events where I’ve gotten 2-3 of the event CEs, and some when I got none (e.g., last year’s original of this event, where I got none, and the 1+2 Seaside Luxury’s I got (so far) from last and this years part 1.

Dive to Blue being a split stat CE makes it automatically less desirable. It’s not worth going crazy over since a lot of the damage gains from the CE’s effects aren’t even felt due to the deficient attack stat.

Painting Summer, while unfortunately also having a gimped stat distribution, at least might make the difference in looping for specific situations when the player lacks better options.

Edit: After running the numbers, a maxed Dive to Blue vs. maxed AD is only a small % more effective damage-wise with an Arts NP. Importantly, that assumes a level 100 Dive to Blue vs. the level 100 Aerial Drive that most Masters would want to make, regardless. Maxing out split stat CEs is generally yucky.


The drop rate is low but we will fine with some apples. I got both Part 1 an Part 2 CE drop, just 1 but it’s enough.
Painting summer is good. Someone can said Dive to blue is for 1 turn nuke but now every boss always has 2-3 HP bar, so you need as much as possible choice.

To 1 turn nuke i always prefer a black grail plus double Waver for ready Np.

Or waver plus Skadi

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All i can say is… keep farming. I dropped 3 copies so far, maybe change node from time to time but even that shouldn’t matter.

Sadly there’s not much you can do for this besides farming and hoping for the best.

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3 drops…what a good luck, Torafuku. Congrats!

I am a bit envious… 0 so far

And yet it’s dropped for me at least 4 times today, but then I cleared Pt2 shop asap so I farm like crazy. Pt1 ce hated me though, no drop even with shop clear

Luck, it happens.

Juts got one drop today. Happy to have a mlb one at the end of the event since i’ts a great CE for many art servant such as Hokusai :fgo_moriartysmile:

Thanks, even though i didn’t really need them since i already had spare copies from last year but now at least i can avoid buying the ones from the shop.

Good luck on your side, hopefully you’ll get a drop.

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Lets hope @Torafuku, but luckily i already have a MLB from last year plus some MLB Formal craft, for art buff CE

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Yeah I know that feeling. I had no luck with part 1’s CE either. Would like at least to MLB DTB tho since I don’t have many starting NP CEs to begin with lol.

i didn’t participate in the original event last year, so can i get the fifth copy without farming hard in the rerun?

Unfortunately, you will have to farm hard.
This is the last time its available.
I only had 1 drop on the first run free quest. Good luck

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Nito dropped me one; just need to farm hard enough:

Dive To Blue Drop

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