Do any of you sometimes prefer duplicates over new servants with regards to spooks?

Topic speaks for itself, but I find I fall into the camp that prefers duplicates for spooks. I’m at a point where I’m fine with my roster only being supplemented by welfares until next year where I will roll for a major servant and would prefer if any spooks I do get end up being extra NP levels than entirely new servants I have to dedicate resources to leveling.

Anyone else in this camp?


No I want new shit to actually care about farming.


Usually me, but I don’t think that’s surprising.


Mmm, to an extent yes. Classes where there is tons of sameyness (looking at you Buster AoE Sabers) I wouldn’t want to pull Altera in place of an Artoria dupe.

Well, I don’t have Artoria. Every gen pool SSR Saber except her, but that’s the most fitting example.

Okay, looking at my box:
I would rather a Sanzang dupe than NP1 Anastasia or Jinako.
NP1 Bradamante isn’t appealing.
NP1 Achilles isn’t appealing anymore.

Arjuna is fine as an NP1 vs getting NP2 Napoleon because I won’t use the latter. NP1 Orion would be more desired.
NP1 Artoria>Mo/Altera dupes
NP1 Vlad>Xiang Yu/Nightingale dupes
NP1 anything new>Okki dupes, her NP levels are pure garbage.


I’m not sure if it’s good or bad luck that she hasn’t managed to spook you yet.

I used to feel very negatively about my Artoria spooks, but obviously she’s not as much of a doorstop as she used to be.


Could be worse. You could get Okki dupes.

Nightingale dupes aren’t particularly valuable either.

Out of the “these NP levels don’t do much” crew I would take Tamamo as she actually features in stall.


Heh, my spook luck is mostly with SRs. As of late, Yan Qing, Helena and Medusa Lancer and Banana Oni seem to like showing up in my rolls. Funnily, Stheno has only appeared once.

I think your issue is generally the same as mine. My roster may not be massive, but I have a handful of general farming/cq servants that are my mainstays who tend to have way too many overlaps. If I ever roll for new servants, I’d rather it be a game changing support who can actually optimise my existing roster, or for dupes of a servant I like in particular (looking at you two, MHX and Nyalter).


I think there comes a point for many where regardless of overall roster size you have favs and you’d rather be able to make better use of them.

Some are collector types though who would rather every entry in the spirit origin list.
And some don’t see the value in NP dupes as Servant kits/cards are at full functionality from NP1.


About that.


Ahahaha! :fgo_sanzangpoint:

I just got my 1st and hope she stays that way.


Really depends on duplicates for who, more copies of Nitocris would be great but more copies of Yuri Pirates would probably not increase how much I use them.


I’ll always take a new servant over a dupe, no matter who it is


There’s no specific mention of SSRs so in general I prefer NP levels, particularly with Servants I like/use.

NP1 SRs will rot in my Chaldea until I get dupes and with the exception of a handful, NP1 gen pool SSRs will most likely go unused as well.


I’m still missing a few general pool servants, and I’d much prefer a new one like Saber Diarmuid or Jack over a dupe like NP18 Astolfo/Marie/Carmilla

But if it was between a new one and a spook that took someone to NP2 (like if I got a random Circe spook) then NP2 could end up being what I prefer just for that damage spike.

But if it’s NP3+, pretty much always give me that spook.


Not all of mine are gen pool, but I found a depressing number of red-headed stepchildren wandering my Chaldea:

Ganesha gets sort of a pass because I had minimal interest in using her NP to begin with, but the NP1 bench is bigger than I remembered.


No i hate duplicates, only exception being the very few servants i grailed that could use more NP levels but when i roll i usually do it for new servants.

I care more about variety and collection than always using the same servants. Most servants are fine at NP1, especially those that can actually spook you.


Honestly, it depends entirely on the servant. Some see massive boosts in usability going from NP1 to NP2. I’ll tackle this from the perspective of my main account.

  • Parvati is a great servant even at NP1 but NP2+ is when she really starts shining. Grailed to 90 once she hit NP2. She’s NP5 now and only the copy that took her to NP2 during my Kama rolls was targeted. I actually got her 6th copy rolling for Spishtar.

  • Ozy is good at NP1, but he hits visibly harder at NP2 and both were spooks. The main value in his NP is the seal though. Still not hitting Malter numbers, but he’s a semi-support and she’s a nuke.

  • Enkidu is now NP4, all spooks. Very good at staying alive and hitting extremely hard.

  • Saber NP1 is good, but she can’t really just plow through stuff until she hits NP3+. She’s NP5, all from spooks. My first NP5 SSR and the most likely to give me a USO.

  • LanLing’s damage cut gets higher with NP levels, but NP1 to NP2 is the biggest jump at 100% increase. He’s NP5 on both of my accounts now and only the first 2 copies were targeted. Functionally, NP2 LanLing is all you would really need.

  • Astraea just keeps getting better and better. She’s NP4 and 2 of her copies were complete spooks. Grailed to 90.

  • Banana(NP5)
    Vlad Extra(staying NP1)
    Martha Rider(NP2)
    Chiyome (NP3)
    Probably at least one other SR all came via spooks and have all provided at least ONE rare prism after their first copies arrived


You’re better than me by far though. This is just the NP1 5*s.


It’s a mental trap. NP1 is perfectly fine until all of your favorites have whaled NP levels and NP1 attackers get no field time anymore.

A year or so ago, someone asked me if I would grail someone even if they were “only” NP2, and I said, “Of course, I would!”

Now? No NP5 = no grail for you.


Barring the dopamine withdrawal after failing to get a unit I love, I always prefer dupes when it comes to SSRs.

  1. Full disclosure, I have two accounts on NA. This changes player mentality quite a bit.
  2. If you have yourself on your own support list, you’ll want to focus on two different sets of strong units.
  3. Unless you’ve been playing for 2+ years, there’s not enough mats for every servant.
  4. NP down debuffs make me wary of anything that’s NP1.