Do anyone here have melt / big boss protea to help me punish that big sl*t kiara

ive been beaten by that bitch once , apprently my wild card the command seal doesnt work , i run with kiara passionlip eresh tamamo mash musashi and still cant break the 2nd bar (almost did that) . HELP ME PLEASE

Does stall comp not work for this fight? I haven’t done it yet since I have to grind some missions, but usually Merlin, Mash, and an Arts DPS or healer work. Lip, Kiara, & Protea are all AoE, even with the class advantage(which is only 1.2X damage not 2.0 or even 1.5) they wouldn’t be as good as better stated servants. If you have Mecha Eli she’d probably be a better option than Lip.

Silly question, but are you using the KP shop? The fight becomes very easy if you go nuts on punishers.


Not all of them apparently as they cant use command seals.

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I’m 80% sure stall teams work since I remember beating her with that

I just don’t remember if I was barely hanging on or coasting though

If you buy out every item in KP shop, it will add the ability to continue the battle on loss as in all other battles as a secret last item.
Basically, buy out the KP shop.

Thought so, going to try an aggreesive approach the first time, but if that doesn’t work figure I’ll fall back to good old Merlin, Mash, and Nightingale combo.

I BEAT IT , yeaaa take that lewd nun


I used this comp to 3 turn It. Easy peesy

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Skadi, Nightingale, Melt was a pretty good comp for me when I did it an hour ago. Neuter her NP one cycle, evade it the next, and just let Melt go to town.

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I used a stall team of Mash, Sitonai and Tamamo, it was pretty easy. Mash’s defense buffs and tamamo’s healing easily kept the team alive, then Sitonai did the vast majority of the damage (despite only being level 70 with 1/2/6 skills)