Do Bond Seals work for both characters?

If I have Fjorm with Atk/Def Bond 3 right next to L!Ike, does L!Ike utilize the Atk/Def buff? Or is it just for Fjorm?

I’m not sure if it does it or not, because sometimes it appears that it does, but other times not.

L!Ike and Fjorm are not supported

Only for the unit that has the Bond equiped.
Googling it also helps.


Where does it sometimes work? Because it most certainly isn’t. Ike probably receives attack/defense from something else, say from a tactics, hone/fortify skill. Or maybe a drive, because Fjorm would drive his attack by 3 points when she’s within 2 spaces of him. (and if she has the drive defense seal, then she’d also give him +3 defense). Ike could be getting these buffs from your other team members too.

Bonds only affect the unit with the skill/seal is on and are active when any teammate is immediately next to them.

Nope. Only for the user equipped with it.