Do I bother staying T21?

Thanks to my +10 Sothe, I managed to go to 21 in Arena for the third time. Generally, I didn’t bothered with straying at T21 since I heard that’s pretty difficult and my teams probably weren’t good enough for that. This time, I’m considering trying the challenge.

I don’t go often to T21, so I don’t really know what’s enough to stay here. That’s why I want to ask to people that knows more than me if my team scores enough for that, or if it’s just not worth the effort :


This is definitely enough to stay if you’re willing to fish

Keep an eye out for score cutoffs


Before the exploit was patched the general score needed to stay in tier 21 was around 3 756s and 2 758s(Give or take a couple points) but with the newer gen units pushing the scoring up I’m not sure what you need to hit to stay. Regardless that’s definitely enough to stay you just need to hit many high opponents.


An average of 758 (+12) should be enough to comfortably stay, but I’d go for at least 760 (+12) to be sure. I mainly try to stay for extra Fruits, but you could just go for the easy weeks of going back to T20 if you don’t care for the extra rewards that much.

I don’t know the bare minimum necessary anyway.


Thanks everyone !

Guess it’s time time to fish some big foes then ! and then suffer horribly

I’m mainly trying that for the challenge, even if the extra rewards are well appreciated.



I matched three 758 teams and two 760 ones. I obviously made my kills with my Sothe. I decided to finally fodder my F!F!Morgan for the Menace, so I could use his Broadleaf Fan again and have a much easier time to kill with him.

I hope the score will hold well.