Do I feed Thrasir to Hana?

Have a Thrasir laying around right now and wondering if I should feed her to Hana?
I want to do this with Hana but not sure if it’s worth it… She’s getting close to being +10 and maxed flowered. I have the fodder to do this.

Her build right now is:

  • Feed Thrasir to Hana.
  • Leave Thrasir alive.

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Do you have other defensive unit for anima season or not care about AR at all?

Don’t care just play for the weekly rewards. Namely the 20 grails.

If you think it is worth it do it.

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That’s my predicament I don’t know if it’s worth it or not…

What are your Thrasir’s IVs? If she’s your only copy I would be very hesitant to throw her away. If she has bad IVs or you have more copies of her then it might be okay. I’d be cautious about getting rid of your only copy of a Mythic hero because of their underlying utility.

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She’s -atk +res only copy the thing is though I have so many other good mages that can do the same job like a +3 Brave Miciah is that how you spell her name? And a Lysithea.

I have quite a few other Legendary Heroes a +2 Lucina, +1 Chrom, Eliwood, Julia, Leif and the free Altina. And the ones we got from the books. Hopefully this helps.

In that case I guess it’s up to you. You might get a better IV copy later and decide to use her (she’s a fantastic mage and amazing in AR-D) but then lack the merge because you fed her to Hana now. Mythic heroes have inherent value because of their influence in various game modes with seasons.

Also you should definitely consider gathering up enough Grails to get a copy of Summer Ylgr so you can inherit both Flashing Blade 4 and Panic Smoke 3 from Thrasir. 100 Grails for your first copy isn’t too shabby, especially if you aren’t interested in building S!Ylgr.

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I do have spare grails lying around so I could summon a summer Ylgr.

Would panic smoke be worth learning and putting on Hana?

Panic Smoke is a good skill and it is only on two units so I would inherit it. Use it… Uh the rouse on your build works all the time. Maybe not always but knowing the skill is a good idea.

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Hana is really fragile, she deletes enemies but is easy pickings on Enemy Phase. I’d say you should already be getting her out of enemy range after sending her in, so the more she can do to help your team out after attacking the better. One easy way to do this is with a Smoke skill. I’m not sure if you plan on leaving her in enemy range with Attack Smoke as her C skill, but at higher difficulty levels she won’t survive much of anything that attacks her. Panic Smoke is such a valuable support skill since it targets potentially every enemy visible buff, but if you want to inflict -7 with a different Smoke skill then I suppose that works too. Just feels like a complete waste of Panic Smoke if it goes uninherited, since it has such wide application. It’s usually better on tanks and Dazzling/ranged heroes though, to be fair.

A Rouse skill is a good C skill on offensive Hana, but it means she can’t gain adjacency buffs from allies in order to activate it. I have zero experience using her but I’d be hesitant to leave her in enemy range after she attacks. Maybe Vantage could work as a possible B skill to sweep weakened foes on EP assuming she takes a hit on PP and survives? In which case, Defense Smoke would synergize well as a C skill.


I just did some thinking :thinking: your probably right about the fact that Thrasir is good due to her mythic unit status. And I can see using her if I decide to get more competitive in Aether Raids. So I did some researching on the internet instead of using a Thrasir I could purchase a Joshua and use Brave sword windsweep build due to how fragile she is as you stated. And her naturally high speed would allow her to get away without being attacked.

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I mean, I said this to @Idunno , but I think the heart wants what the heart wants.

Good advice on this one.
I just hope a build can be found that will make this Hanna more viable to survive enemy phase.

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Well I don’t belive this is possible if I ever get galeforce it might be though a quad build would allow her to kill something and get out of the enemy’s range.

Although @kakyoin01 might be right with vantage considering the fact she’s usually under 70% after a single hit an Aoe vantage build might work. As long as the Aoe hits and lines up correctly. Because then because of her attack star they would be low most likely in 1 hit range.
But the problem would be consistently getting the to special to proc.
Also does wrath work with Aoe builds?
The Aoe would synergize well special spiral and flashing blade. But then if Aoe doesn’t hit then she’s screwed. Also the fact she still vulnerable to ranged units. And especially bow units with brave bows.
Also does it matter what Aoe specials we she uses? I noticed people use blazing wind a lot? Why is this?
Also hardy bearing would screw up the build to.
(Sorry about the ramble need to write down my thoughts or I’ll forget)


even if you have no need for thrasir, flashing blade 4 is a pretty poor t4 skill, especially for a max investment unit when time’s pulse is an option.

i wouldn’t use fb4 on anyone if i could help it tbh.


It’s good to feel stuck in analysis mode and feel like there’s no golden build for a particular hero. This is healthy and leads to learning the ins and outs of the hero in question (especially about unit matchups). It may also prevent you from making decisions you might regret later. The long game is far more important than the short game in FEH, generally speaking. I’d speak more to that notion but it’s clear you like Hana as a unit and you want to make her as useful as possible.

Vantage build only really works if she can clean up weakened melee opponents and Armors she can slay. She’ll need as much Savage Blow support from allies as possible to weaken them. She pretty much has to run Distant Counter and thus loses out on the valuable A skill slot in doing so, so she can’t pad her stats any further, plus she’ll still crumple to tankier opponents who can soak a single Vantage attack. She also benefits immensely from PP-oriented skills rather than EP-oriented skills, so an EP build is definitely weaker on her. I don’t suggest Vantage, I only suggested it because you seemed set on using her as more than an in-and-out assassin.

I agree with @anon80299318 that FB4 is a really niche skill and probably shouldn’t be run most of the time, especially when you can run the infinitely cheaper FB3 seal instead. There are also heavy risks to using Galeforce on a unit that wants to absolutely murder its target; if she deals too much damage then she can’t proc Galeforce in a single round of combat. Galeforce also requires that she take a hit from an opponent, since she doesn’t get a Slaying effect in her weapon.

My suggestion is to make her stand out doing what she does best as much as possible. Focus on what she can do that no other unit in Heroes can do as well (or what she can do much cheaper, since she’s in the common summon pool and not 5* locked). To me, this is her power as a Player Phase oriented assassin swordie + armor killer. Only Phina can really compete with her in this category (I’d say Phina is just outright better than Hana, but again, 5* locked so an expensive option for many). Hana can stand out at this role pretty handily without a high-investment build, but there are obviously higher investment options available. I came up with this general purpose build using mostly easy-to-acquire skills for inheritance:

I put Glimmer as her offensive special because 60 base Attack is pretty high, although it won’t scale as well against extremely high-Defense enemies. You have Ruptured Sky already, which I’d say is a bit less consistent but can be great against high-Attack enemies, although Desperation will largely take care of this issue allowing her to avoid damage from those enemies. She can also run Moonbow if you need to puncture enemy Defense better. It depends on which targets you find her up against more often. Without Desperation, I do not recommend having her attack most full-health dragons even if Ruptured Sky is good against them. She will die. :feh_notlikethis:

Fury + Desperation works very well on her, she can even prepare Desperation before combat if she uses Reciprocal Aid twice (which supports the team, since she can heal up allies if idle) before attacking or once if she gets hit by an enemy Savage Blow attack. She can also use it once and then delete an enemy she easily overwhelms or OHKOs, take 6 damage from Fury 3 in the process, and be in Desperation range. Or just engage in combat twice in a row taking no damage, take 12 recoil from Fury 3, and be in Desperation range. Etc, etc. Unfortunately she can’t use Reciprocal Aid just once then be primed, because 36 / 46 HP = 78% HP, just shy of Desperation range. And since she’s an offense-oriented unit, her teammates will more likely be the ones using support skills on her to get her out of enemy range after combat. You could also just go with Reposition or Drag Back if you want her to do the same for her allies.

The build focuses on her PP offenses. SS2 in her weapon means she only gets those boosts during Player Phase engages and those stat boosts are in-combat, not out of combat, so they cannot be taken from her via Panic status, enemy Lull/Dull skills, etc. Hitting 64 Attack during combat before factoring in visible buffs is pretty good–it’s easy to give her extra Atk with either an Atk Wave skill in her C slot or via ally buff support (L!Azura is ideal to grant spectrum Tactic buffs) but without visible buffs, she’s basically Panic-immune.

Fury 3 is cheap (4* Hinata) and effective, gives her some much-needed bulk + most of the stat boosts Life and Death would give her but with none of the statistical drawbacks, so she can soak hits better. Fury also gives her recoil damage to help trigger Desperation easily in future engages, and won’t kill her since it’s out-of-combat damage.

C skill is very flexible. I put Rouse Spd/Def 3 because it’s rather cheap (promote 4* Ferdinand) and gives her much-needed physical bulk and Speed for Desperation in many situations, but it’s neutralized or even works against her with the Panic effect, Lull/Dull skills, etc and those are very common in PVP modes so it requires smart play to work around. You can also run a more team-supportive skill like an Atk Wave or Spd Wave skill, or a more expensive fodder skill if you wish. A Smoke skill also works if you want her to entirely support her allies who will swoop in and cover her butt after she eliminates a target, or with dancer support so she can take advantage of it as well.

I put Heavy Blade 3 seal due to how hard it is to compete with Speed creep lately, although Flashing Blade 3 seal is almost always better against beefy tanks/armors. Both of them work perfectly with 2-turn specials. I am not entirely sure about HB3 myself without testing it, as her 60 base Attack, which (without a boon) matches +1 +Atk Edelgard–and in combat becomes 64–before visible buffs and ally Drive skills support is pretty hefty, but it’s possible she may run into extremely high-Attack targets she cannot proc HB3 against (or an ally might be running it), in which case FB3 works wonders. You can tune her C skill or even run Life and Death 3 (4* Sothe) as an A skill if you need the extra Speed to trigger FB3, but she will be very squishy and prone to getting OHKOd so I don’t recommend this. If you just want her to outright murder opponents without special proc reliance, Swift Sparrow 2 seal can beef up her engagement offenses even more.

Again, this is all theoretical–haven’t run any combat simulations with her. I highly recommend doing so to test theoretical builds against her top matchups. This was fun to work through, I’d thought myself about building up Hana so actually exploring her options was fun. :feh_navarreculture:

EDIT: I did run one combat simulation to see how she holds up with the build I gave her in a mostly unfavorable matchup: initiating on a +10 +Atk base kit Brave Hector. Assuming no other buffs except Rouse Spd/Def (on her) are active and she starts the battle at full health, she ties him for Attack–this means she loses Desperation and Heavy Blade 3–so the fight is more even and a better example of how powerful she is. She barely survives initiating on him with 2 HP and kills him after his first counterattack:

If she has taken 12 or more damage, she easily beats him taking no in-combat damage and still without activating Heavy Blade. With Life and Death 3 at full health, she would outright die on his counterattack.


Which one do you think would be more consistent Flashing vs Heavy Blade. I feel like Flashing would be more consistent against armors but heavy blade would be better for general use?