Do I have this right?

SO I didn’t play FGO when “The Little Santa Alter” was around last year I want to make sure I don’t pull another issue like with my permanently level 40 saber that I got from the Halloween Lite event since I didn’t know to get the Dragon Orb until it was too late. So you use Miracle Stockings to play a game of chance in hopes of receiving Gilles de Raise Dolls so that when you complete the quest line and permanently get Jeanne d’Arc Alter Santa Lily you can ascend her to max once you level her up. As well as receiving 25 Buche de Noel to upgrade her NP to max all the other things in the event shop can then be bought depending on what you want/need for your servants. Do I have the right idea or am I wrong about something like the spins?

The lottery is where you get the Gilles dolls for her ascension, as well as the Buche de Noel for taking her to NP5 (which are then used in the Shop proper, after she officially joins), yes.

Although it’s not technically a game of chance when you get it all in the end anyway, despite the name, but yep you got it.

basically right

although you’re guaranteed to get all the items in the lotto so long as you roll it enough times (400 tries/800 stockings per box)

so it’s not like the gacha, where you can toss in a thousand quartz for nothing

Hence farming the highest Stocking Gathering you can to collect the Miracle Stockings and getting Holy Night Supper ASAP for more stockings as well

That is correct, spam the final node for stockings for emptying out the lottery sooner. Although, it should be much quicker for you than it otherwise might be, given how many people rolled and went hard on farming this last time.

I’ve just been taking it easy and focusing on non-stocking farm though, since the actually worthwhile nodes don’t open for a few more days and it’s pretty easy.

not to mention being capped at 10 boxes. so there’s no real reason to go ham until the final day, to wrap anything up

So drain a box and unless it auto switches to the next box wait for the next box drain, repeat

Oh yep, and what MUGI said.

Although the boxes don’t auto-switch, they just stop and you move on manually. But, yes, draining fully is most recommended.

yeah, once you get the grand prize you can move on to the next box. once all the grand prizes are claimed though, then you have to empty it out entirely to move to the next box

though tbh unless you’re super pressed for time or something, I’d say to just grab everything in any box regardless. especially here, since again, you’re limited to 10 boxes

the next 3 lottos though (christmas3 and both the da vinci rerun lottos) are all unlimited resets, simply limited by how much of the lotto currency you can farm during the event period

edit: ok, actually 4 with gilfest, but the above 3 are next december and january 2020, while gilfest is still quite a ways away (eta september 2020, iirc)