Do I have to build a Raigh now?

So we now know the TT bonus units… And I only have one of them. I’ll be blunt, Raigh disgusts me. Not because of his character (I have a fan-translated copy of Binding Blade, but having issues with systems), but because he’s always such a downer to get in FEH (no good fodder and there are far better red mages). That said, I’ve been holding onto 2 copies at 3/4 star for a while (+Spd, -Def and +Atk, -Def). I also only have just a little over 20k feathers and any merge project I want to do right now requires a unit I don’t have yet.

My TT team usually contains three of the following:
+10 Ares with DC, Vantage
+Atk Reinhardt with DB4
Legendary Azura
Brave Camilla

If I should build Raigh, which nature and set should I go for.

  • +Spd, -Def
  • +Atk, -Def
  • No bonus unit until you get Brunnya

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I don’t think its worth it to build a unit you don’t like when you could invest in one that you do like. Its ultimately up to you though.


You’ll only really need to go one or two rounds without a Bonus considering that you get the 4* Brunnya at 1000 points. Even if she can’t really fight, it’s better than training up a unit you may not use later.


TT bonuses exist. Just level up a 4 Star Raigh and he’ll be as good as a 5 Star. Also, you’d only need him for the first 15k points since we get Brunnya too


There is absolutely no need to build a unit just for TT, ever. You literally do 1 fight and you get a bonus unit. You can then use the TT unit, or Raigh, or whatever, at level 1, it doesn’t matter, he’s just there to increase your score.


What are the bonus units? Raigh, Lugh, Chad,???

Them three, and the other new units of this banner.

Ah, alrighty


Literally just drag along a 4/3* Raigh, maybe level him up to 40. Or don’t, it doesn’t really matter.


I mean as long as you have a unit that can clear it them self… you don’t even need to lvl up Raigh… just go in with a 3* lvl 1 Raigh for a bonus unit, and just have someone else solo it

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Sounds to me like you have 600 feathers just sitting in your barracks