Do I pull or build now, and whom?

I’m not 100% about the tags for this, but I tried :T

Anyway, I basically just hit the point that I have enough decent units to do okay (by my standards) in most game modes. I can place a little above the middle in AB rankings, and probably higher if I push it (I’m still experimenting). I’m only at AR 14 currently, but making very steady progress (I should actually be 15 when I play later today!). I’m tier 17 in the arena, nearly 18, and generally doing very well in all of the other gamemodes I enjoy. I want to do even better, but I’m patient and I’m sure I’ll get there c:

The one area I’m not doing well at all in is AD, but I’ll tackle that monster when I can’t climb tiers anymore just by beating other people >_>

But, I’m not sure how, or what my next step is. I have units with good, if not always optimal, builds, but my highest merge now is +5, and many of my units aren’t merged at all. Because I have a decent roster now, I’m not sure whether I should be trying to get more units to cover team roles I don’t have filled yet, or just making the ones I already have as beefy as possible. I’m not a whale, but I’m not F2P, either, and can buy a few hundred orbs most months. I haven’t pulled all of my free orbs, but I’m maybe 2/3rds of the way through.

So what did you do at this point? I know this is probably vague, but I’m definitely willing to answer specific questions. Even if you don’t have a definite answer, I’ll be grateful just to know what your goals are/were so maybe I can use them as inspiration for my own c:

Thank you for taking the time to answer my rambling question, I hope you’re having a good day


Well, im on tier 18 on arena and 20 on AR, I got some advice to improve, you can run IP teams, and use mythics to reduce the lift loss, and go for rematches so you recover lift loss and gain more, i try to improve on AR and stay on 20 because i have many grail projects so i need to improve the grail income.
In my personal opinion go for the units you like most and create balanced teams, with tanks, offensive, refreshers, and healers, My main team on Arena is a bulky cav, a fast offensive mage, and two mid both phase units one with DC and the other is a buffer, Im not F2P because i only bought the starter pack,i dont have good fodder for amazing builds but you can try with some 4 star units and some pitybreakers at 5 star that you dont plan to use and you can run some good builds.

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It took me a while to actually fully merge a unit, and I’m f2p.

When I was fairly new, my first actual goal was to get to higher tiers of arena (aka tier 20, 21 didn’t exist at the time). For that, merges are needed. I wanted to prioritize this over anything else because it gives the best rewards (orbs and feathers) and… well at the time it was literally the link competitive game mode.

A lot of the time, depending on the unit, max merging them gives them the necessary stats to start filling in more roles.

Example - Ross. The way I have him built he can be a Galeforcer, a physical tank, or a mixed tank thanks to the builds I put on him.

Not only that, but he scores high in Arena (a dumb but important aspect of arena) because of his bst.


Save like crazy until something comes up that you really want to build while focusing on a 3-4* unit or two to keep you from getting too bored.


Build up your favorites

Otherwise start working on a +10.

Hopefully one that can work in AR and Arena. Maybe a gen 4 one like Echidna or Itsuki? I dunno

As for orbs…

Save them as much as you possibly can. You never know when something amazing might come out


Same thing I do at every point in the game concentrate on building a character, then once they are built figure out if they’ll go in a given mode or not.

Example: I built a Reinhardt because, well, he’s a beast for newbies, but I didn’t favor using him at all, now he’s a 4*+10 Røkkr slayer and in that role I find him enjoyable.

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Thank you all for your suggestions c: They helped me figure out what I want to do now so I’m going to arbitrarily choose one as a solution

I’ve been meaning to ask, where is “green axe witch” from? Or is it just some generic green axed witch? :rofl:

The latter. I needed a username, thought the class description suited me because I would cast spells if I could cast spells but I am also big and strong and a clumsy idiot who needs a clumsy idiot weapon and I like spooky stuff and I thought I would get spaces instead of underscores :T

I always thought it was from some show or something lol.