Do not judge psystrike yet

If at anything Niantic has a nasty experience of rewriting move parameters a day or 2 prior to the move’s release.

Same with Giratina Origin. (Which used to have Altered’s same Garbage moveset until a day before)

Don’t make assumptions before saying.


But hyping it up (and down) and guessing about meta relevance is half the fun! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I predict that Niantic will NOT change Psystrike’s move parameters. It was MEANT to be weak so that Mewtwo would not completely destroy the meta. See why it didn’t receive Future Sight? And why the much weaker AM2 did?

Origin Giratina isn’t exactly the best example here. It had its available movepool altered, which is a different scenario than changing the raw stats of a move.

That said, sure Niantic could change Psystrike before it’s released. We saw them do that with Doom Desire for Jirachi right before it became available to Chicago Go Fest attendees. They did similar last-minute changes to Blaze Kick before Torchic CD, and then there was the buff to Sky Attack during one of the reruns for Lugia. There’s some history of them making changes to individual moves.

Then again, maybe they won’t change a thing. Like Psystrike, Psycho Boost was in the code before Deoxys was released. People were hoping the move would get altered (since it’s downright awful in PvE), yet it was released exactly as it was in the code.

So there’s no way to know for sure what Psystrike will look like until we’re closer to it going live. Until then, however, we only have what’s currently known in the code to guide our speculations and theorycrafting.

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Psystrike in the series was a special attack that hit physical def so mewtwo could break walls. That being said I cant see it being any different then some random 2 Charge move with like 90 power. If moves were like the main game absol would get sucker punch and ruin the meta.

Totally agree. They added incredibly awesome moves for Armored Mewtwo, like Dynamic Punch and Future Sight.

They didn’t change Psycho Boost either, and their “fix” was to make it good in PvP. Psystrike is already alright in PvP, a Shadow Ball equivalent but with STAB.

I feel that Giratina-O is somewhat different. My guess was that since it wasn’t being released immediately it was just given Giratina-A’s moves as a placeholder. IIRC all of the Deoxys formes shared the same attacks until their imminent release. At the very least I remember Deoxys-N carrying very different moves than it has now.

We don’t really have a way of knowing if Origin was always intended to have different moves from Altered and they didn’t decide on exactly which ones until before release or if Niantic actually changed them in response to community response. Even if datamines technically go against T.O.S. and in their ideal world we wouldn’t have any knowledge of Origin’s moves until release they have to be aware that in-game information gets spread the moment its in the traffic.

You forgot Latias, who used to have Dragon Claw instead of Outrage. When it’s released, it has Outrage instead of Dragon Claw.

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I actually did forget about that, though that was the only move that was changed. Meanwhile Deoxys-N only kept Zen Headbutt and Psycho Boost while Giratina-O got a completely new moveset minus Shadow Claw.

Several movesets were different before it’s official release. Latias had Dragon Claw, Normal and Speed-Forme Deoxys had Zap Cannon instead T-Bolt. Zapdos had Discharge and so on. We can’t predict what Niantic is going to do or not to do with Psystrike. My only hopes are: Or Psystrike will be added to Mewtwo’s already “hugepool” and we’re able to TM it, or Psystrike being a Raid week exclusive-move but get nerfed even more.