Do not update


The latest update, with the title “BUG FIXES” has NOTHING BUT BUGS. BUGS EVERYWHERE.

Examples include:

  • Complete inability to catch Pokemon (THIS ITEM CANNOT BE USED AT THIS TIME)
  • Glitching of gyms
  • Lucky Pokemon with 1M+ Stardust costs
  • PVP is Broken
  • Adventure Sync is Broken


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  1. The “complete inability to catch Pokemon” is a bit of a stretch. I know plenty of people who updated and haven’t reported this issue. That particular error message already shows up if you try feeding a berry to a Mon that your Plus tried going after.

  2. You’ll have to be more specific on the gym glitches.

  3. The extreme stardust costs for luckies have already been covered and confirmed as a visual glitch. The game won’t actually subtract x-million dust. That said, Niantic does need to fix this, as you won’t be able to power these Mons up unless you possess those high stardust numbers.

  4. I heard PvP was one of the few things that improved, as this update supposedly fixes the issue with phantom invites.

  5. The Adventure Sync issues where distance doesn’t get updated have been ongoing and primarily seems to be affecting iOS users. Still, this is an issue that affects a lot of players and needs to be addressed.


I’ve had this happen to me well before this new update, usually in areas with shaky connection.

These are new but as far as I can tell largely visual. Doesn’t excuse them existing, but not something completely game-breaking either.

Mostly visual. Won’t actually spend the 1mil+ amount of dust shown, but doesn’t let you power up if you don’t have the 1mil+ dust shown.

Not new to this update.

Also not new to this update.

The game is an inexcusable bug heap and the last update did manage to introduce even more bugs than it fixed, that much is true. Somehow most of your list if not all of it consists of bugs/blanket statements that already applied before the update.

A more thorough (and level-headed) list of common issues the new update brought with it can be found here:


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All of the bugs did not bother me much except the pvp one

That pvp bug actually made me to restart the game, others bug not much


Yeah, now I need to restart my game EVERY SINGLE TIME I do a PvP with my friend.


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