Do we know how large the Jotunheimrs are?

I recently obtained Nott, and when you tap her on the home screen she sometimes says…

“When I visit other lands, my size often calls attention to me. Here, however, it is hardly the most unusual sight.”

Considering that her sprite doesn’t look all that different in size from the other heroes, unlike Surtr, it made me wonder… Just how big is she, to warrant it being such an oddity elsewhere?

I know that Jotunheim is the realm of the giants, though I’m uncertain if any of feh follows the same rules of Norse mythology ( I mean, a litteral group of frozen rivers are people and weapons in feh… )

Its a silly question, but I’ve been getting more and more into the lore of feh and Norse mythology as a whole. Her size could also help to understand how manacing the jotun race would seem in heroes.

Is it more on the range of “tall people” such as basketball players, only reaching a maximum of 6 through 8 feet tall, or is it litteral, like attack on titan sized giants.

Ill also just say, I really don’t care if you think I’m just some rando who has a fetish or whatever. Joke all you want, but I’d have the same question even if nott were a dude. Genuine curiosity is all.


Well I mean Hegemon Edelgard is short in Sprite form


Mentioning this makes you more suspicious lol. The truth is that I don’t really know. They seem normal size to me, but apparently they’re big? Does that make all the Heroes units giants if they share the same size? I really do not know if Nott and Dagr are really giants.


Likely just quite tall. Dagr does also mention her mother is apparently much bigger than her but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s exaggerated.


Yeah I figured that it’d make me more suspicious… I just know the internet takes basically everything in a sexual light…

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yeah, she’s probably like 6 foot tall or more, which is atypical for most women.


I don’t know their heights, but Dagr has a quote about how her mom is several times bigger than her, so apparently they do grow to actual giant size as they age. We don’t know how old they are or their mom is compared to them to have an idea, but Dagr and Nott just seem like…particularly tall regular people? Certainly not exceptional at the time.


They seem normal size to me, but apparently they’re big?

The only big thing about Nótt and Dagr are their muscles


Probably the easiest way to show they’re big strong giants without actually making them awkwardly tall. (Gotta make that $$$$ somehow). I do wish we at least see the mother at some point, though I doubt her being playable.


I don’t have dagr, but that definitely helps shed some light on things. Thanks!


Give us the buff milf IS :fgo_seibagun:


Sure. I had to look up the lines but apparently there’s another on the info screen about her wanting to be taller and saying double the height should be good, which could imply they’re actually shorter for their age and waiting for the growth to giant status, or that they’re like…in their teens and not quite at full development and Dagr’s just impatient about growing up.


TS Dimitri is 188 cm (6’2)… and comparing their sprites Nótt is only about a cm or 2 taller than him

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No, I don’t know.

I like to image, however, that they’re roughly this large.



Death by Snu Snu is always a nice way to go


Honestly until we have actual evidence otherwise, I’m going to assume they aren’t actual giants and are just normal tall. After all Reginn and Co. don’t exactly scream dwarves either.



Idk 6’+ girl still seems like a giant to me… but thats just me


IS only takes a little inspiration from mythology (usually just the name and a few details). If they were actually accurate, we wouldn’t be having these questions lol. I don’t mind if it is inaccurate either, I’m just saying we’re only seeing certain traits. Like the “dwarves” not actually being short, but having the advanced technology. “giants” having lots of muscle and being on the taller side compared to most humans (which implies elves might be shorter?)


I mean I’m 5’2 so they’re quite tall compared to me too lol