Do we know if Brave heroes will have the spark system?

Hello everyone ! Do we know if the next Brave heroes banner will have the spark system or are nothing confirm yet? The FE3H revival banner is really tempting me, but I’m looking at my save plan and wish to know if I can afford to spend a bit.
Thanks for your answers!
Edit : by spark system, I mean the free pick after you summon 40 times!


They’re general pool so no reason why they wouldn’t.


We have no reason to believe it won’t. It is a new heroes banner after all


Yeah I guess, it’s just that 1 free pull + the spark system seems really generous coming from IS… And since they didn’t make a 4 star focus for the fallen banner, even though they said every banner would have one, I don’t really trust them anymore :(


I mean, Fallen Banners haven’t had demotes before. I think it’s fair. Don’t remember when it was stated every Banner would, not that I remember the news really well.


Since IS really doesn’t like patterns, that’s a valid concern, but I still believe we’ll be getting the spark system in the Brave Banner. If we don’t, then… wow. The backlash will be strong.

Not that this would stop them, I guess. Looking at you, Feh pass.


Fallen banner has it and they are now bringing old banners back with it, so I think we don’t have to worry about the brave banner.


Ohh so maybe that’s why they decided to not put a 4-star focus. But to be fair, special heroes banner didn’t have a 4 star either and we still got one!

I don’t remember clearly but they stated something like “from now on, banners will have a 4-star focus”, leading everyone to believe it would be for every new banner


Special Heroes don’t enter the normal summoning pool after the banner is over though, which is why they can have a 4 star focus


And there was always a unit with a poor kit compared to the rest of the Banner on them :ferdbirb:


It does have the Spark though? That’s the free unit after 40 Pulls ain’t it?


Yes the spark means the free unit ! At least that’s what I meant D:


Oops, I was thinking about demotes. Ignore this then


I mean, the fact that the forging bonds revivals are retroactively giving us a 40 summon free pull on banners that never had that, I’m fairly confident CYL4 will. Also, after the hot water the fallen banner put them in, IS stated that CYL4 “most likely” won’t have a 4* focus. I suspect if IS was contemplating removing the 40 summon free pull they would’ve said it then. If you’re already receiving a ton of backlash you might as well put ALL your cards on the table


Speaking of CYL4, when should we expect that banner? I feel like I remember it being in June, but is it later than that?



Ugh so much longer away than I thought :face_vomiting: Oh well, more time to save for Dimitri merges!

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Spark system is the 40 summons thing right? If so, I’m uncertain that the CYL4 will have it.

And here’s why, CYL1-3 we always got a free choice of one of the Brave (not having to summon 40 times to do so) and if they once again give us that free pick like in previous years will they really then also have the option for a second freebie by summoning 40 times? Or do they forgo that one and force people to summon 40 times just for their free choice?

And honestly I’d think they’d get more backlash if they don’t give the free choice like how they did with previous CYL, than not having a second free option after 40 summons.

I’m confident the spark system will be on the CYL banner this year, I wouldn’t worry. Now, as for a unit being a possible 4* pull , that def ain’t happening.

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While it sounds too good to be true (getting two 5* including the usual free pick from the brave banners), you’re still spending at least 140 orbs so it’s not like the second one is free, it’s just a guarantee. So I anticipate the 5* pick after 40 summons to still be a thing for CYL 4.