Do yo interludes, fool! They come with a drunk oni to boot :fgo_shutenwink: - Interlude 14 Rolling Thread

Ok, so, I don’t normally do this, but I ended up rolling irresponsibly on this thing just now.

I decided to spend the last five tickets I’ve got. The last one gave me a double roll.

And Napoleon shows up. …Suffice to say, that pissed me off. Not only do I dislike the guy, but it’s a 5* Spook on top of that.

So I went nuts with my Quartz…

Nothing, nothing, nothing, NP-6 Atalante Alter…

…NP-4 Jinako. On Rainbow Orbs. The moment I saw that Moon Cancer card, I was like, “un-be-lievable”. That makes two 5* Spooks.

This sort of thing doesn’t happen to me normally, so this is really irritating. At least Jinako is… ok. It’ll be helpful to have an NP-4 AoE Moon Cancer come Avalon, but still. The fact that I got spooked twice is just infuriating.

I did NOT spend below the 300 Quartz I had reserved for Ibuki, though, so this has only made my other middling summon plans between Ibuki and Melusine extremely unlikely.



Yeah, it happens. Napoleon spooked me three times during my Arjuna Alter rolls, making him the worst consecutive offender if not nearly as bad overall as Jeanne. I like Napoleon just fine, but I don’t need him.

At least your plans aren’t completely derailed, just a bit dinged.


This also ended up leading to my MLBing, like, four 5* CEs, since it was raining gold the whole time for some weird reason. That includes Volumen, Zero Over, and Imaginary Around. It took me three years to MLB those latter two…

Also, Jinako’s my first Servant to have all three Appends unlocked. She really likes me, apparently.